Monday, September 11, 2006

The body is done!!!

Well now my body is done.....Its a size too big (2XL) buts its ok.... Im a big person so.... - I really looking forward to see how it will be with sleeves on... I think I will to the long verson...but I am really not sure me out...what will be nices do you think?????


Estellika said...

I'd say make the sleeves how you most like to have them.

I will make mine long because a. is gets super cold here, b. it is princessy, c. I can actually make them long enough for my monkey arms!

I'd also ask the what not to knit gals at They seem to have a good eye for details.

You may want to consider that your garment is a little to big for you, so maybe it would balance out better with short sleeves? Or maybe long sleeves will do the trick if they arn't too long;like not past your thumb y.

Good luck have fun!

Yarn It said...

I think short sleeves my balance it out better also since it is a bit big but I do like the long sleeve version best. Either way, it looks great and I love the color!