Thursday, September 07, 2006

beading my own yarn for SKB

any tips or tutorials you can recommend? The Tili is just way out of my range right now. So I'm going with the Elann Peruvian Highland Silk -hope it gauges correctly. And I'm attempting to add the beads myself. But I've never tried before. Any help offered is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance :)


Marlene said...

I've done beaded lace a couple of different ways and by far the simplest is to add the beads as you are knitting. You need a fine crochet hook that will fit through the beads you will be using (or a dental floss threader). When you come to where you want to place a bead you remove the stitch from the needle and pull the loop through the bead with a crochet hook and place it back on the needle. The beaded stitch can then be knit, or skipped, whichever looks best to you.

Anonymous said... did an article on knitting with beads that has descriptions of 2 ways to use beads.

It was in their spring issue, I beleive.


LotusKnits said...

I'm using the Highland Silk too, but to get gauge I had to go down to size 5 needles. For beading, you can get a 'big eye needle' and string them on a skein. In addition to the knitty article, grumperina had some good info from when she did the beads on the Odessa pattern.

Miss Scarlett said...

I don't have a tip - you gave me a tip!!
I love that idea - I can't afford the yarn either but the pattern is so great.
Brilliant and inventive lady you are - thanks for posting.

Molly said...

I haven't the time to join this KAL but want to make the SKB at some point. I am allergic to silk (yes, it is a cruel joke from the universe) so using the recomended yarn was never an option.

I am planning on knitting with a carry-along thread that has been strung with beads. The type of thread that is used for sewing machine embroidery is strong and comes in tons of colors. You can simply slide up a bead on the thread whenever you want to place one in the knitting. The thread is so fine that it shouldn't affect the gauge at all.

rockymtmama said...

Thanks to everyone for your advice!

**Molly, I read (I think on Craftster) that someone else was doing that. I've never done a carry along before & was wondering that if the thread were to break, would all the beads unstring? It sounds like it would be easier on my time than to stop & place a bead where I want it. Also may be easier on the yarn than to string a bunch of beads onto the ball at the outset. Any thoughts folks?

Gelsomina (Jill) Lucchesi said...

I really like that idea, too! I make jewelry, so the idea of using a carry along thread is great because most of my beads have too small of holes.

This has re-inspired me to knit the SKB. I'm thinking of using either red garnets, Nambian Amazonite, Poppy Jasper, or freshwater pearls.

:-) G