Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sexy Cheater

Hello Sexy Knitters!

One of the reasons I joined the Sexy Knitters Club was to assist me in my campaign to Dump the Frump (DTF). Three years ago, I moved out of Manhattan to a small town about 70 miles north of the city. In that time I gained 50lbs. Eeeck!

As the weight climbed upward, my fashion sense and sexiness plummeted, but I am on my way back. Sizzle was one of the first sexy knits I selected when I decided that I would honour the size and shape of my body as is -- because "sexy" is a mindset, not a dress size.

A dig though my closet unearthed a forgotten pair of heels that will work well with Sizzle (and DTF). Between the sizzling, the frump dumping and the heel-wearing, I am starting to feel like a new woman.

Pattern Specifications:
Sizzle, by Wendy @ Knit 'n' Tonic
35" size, 6 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton, #6 KnitPicks Options Needle
July 6-23, 2006 (here's the cheater part)

I opted to make the neckline a tad less plunging, as this is my Work Sizzle. I plan to make a second Sizzle, with the full plunge and more intense waist shaping. I have a very hourglass, if not pear-shaped, figure, and more waist shaping would be more flattering to my figure. Too often I experience bagginess in the waist of my hand knit garments.

Sizzle was a fun and quick knit, and I am feeling sexy and kittenish...although I suspect those kitten heels are sizzling too.


Leslie said...

Your Sizzle is hot! I'm planning on making mine a little higher in the neck also. Could you tell me how far up from the arm bind off you went? Also, my bust is 35, and I'm thinking I need to make the 34 size???

Sherri said...

looks great!!

Estellika said...

Your sizzlin' girl, your hot! Nice job and good for you. I'm going to borrow your term of "dump the frump", thats what I'm trying to do after much urging of family and friends. Better do somthing before they call Stacy and Clinton on me!

Marlene said...

I love your attitude....and your Sizzle!

It took me 7 months but I have "dumped the frump", starting with an attitude adjustment and going on to lose 40 pounds and as many inches.

dknitter3 said...

You and your sweater are fabulous. I definitely need to start a DTF campaign too,