Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two Stitches Too Short

I am still on the SKB yoke. I just counted my stiches and it appears I will be two stitches short after completing the repeats (I just finished repeat #4 and have 2 to go). I'm supposed to have 288 stitches, but will have 286. Is there anyway I can increase two extra stitches somewhere so I don't have to frog back to the beginning? If so, where and how? I'm sure I missed some increases early on and would really appreciate any help you can throw my way. Thanks!


Bettina said...

Please calculate if the stitches are missing on the front or the back. Then, whereever they are missing, just add them in a row that has no repeats the same way that you add your normal increases.

Hope that works.

jarubaknits said...

Thanks so much, bettina! I found the missing stitch and will adjust accordingly.

Christine said...

Yes! PLEASE don't frog it back to the beginning. There's almost never a reason to do that! I'd use the make one way of increasing as it's less obvious.