Saturday, September 23, 2006

sizzling slowly

I'm starting increases on back of sizzle. I plan to do a V in front and in back, hoping to get the whole thing done without needing more yarn, because I have all there is to have! Am using discontinued Linet (I think I have 770 yards), with a mercerized dk cotton for borders. Am also making it a bit longer in the stretch between decreases and increases.

Do you all get the little trash can below my name here? I swear, I'm not talking trashy! At least not here... What is this about, anybody know? And do you all get the big blue box on the post list that says "edit" next to my posts? Or do we only get that next to our own posts? Thanks!


Marlene said...

On a group list only the author of the post gets the trash can (for deleting your post) and the blue edit button (for making changes). You will notice that no one else appears (to YOU) to have these icons. I don't see yours, you don't see mine.

Sarah said...

What a great idea to do a V front and back!