Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm jumping the gun

OK, well I only have about 4 inches of my tempting 2 done, and I'm debating about ripping it and either starting over or making something else with the yarn. I'm just still not sure that my gauge is right. It seems sooo off, so I may just move on.

On the brighter side however. I got my Tilli Thomas yarn on Thurs. And swatched it up yesterday and started my Simple knitted bodice. I could hardly believe that my gauge was right on the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The silk is fabulous to work with. I hope I like the way it come out because I'd love to make the long sleeved version with a wool/silk blend too. I made it to the second set of the 2-9 row increases. It really looks great, I'm really thrilled with the color yarn I picked out!! OH when you start be sure that you are doing the increases before and after the stitch marker, some people in my other Simple Bodice KAL didn't and I almost did the same thing!

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