Thursday, September 07, 2006

Need More Knitting Time!

With school back in session, you'd think I'd have more time. Maybe it'll settle down, but between the 6 am wake-up, band practice, cross country dinners and meet and game schedules, I feel a tad stretched.

Silky Tweed
Bottom trim for Emily

I have managed to get a little more done on the cardigan, and am ready to start waist decreases on Emily. I also finally bought the yarn for Marylin's not-so-shrunken cardigan! I've been watching it since the pattern came out and couldn't resist the sale! I got the color 16, a beautiful teal, and can't wait to start knitting it.
Oh and Sizzle has taken a back seat for right now. I have been inflicted with "startitis" again!

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