Thursday, September 07, 2006

SKB Progress

I am neither a fast enough nor a patient enough knitter to wait until I finish my SKB to post a pic of it, so here y'all go.

I love the yarn I'm using and LOVE the way there are subtle color variations that occur with hand dyed yarn. I'm on my second skein and am very pleased that there was no noticeable color change in the yarn from skein to skein. I love the yarn so much that I may just use it again for Sizzle!

I'm modifying the pattern a tad and adding a few rows below the join before I start the purl ridges because it looked like the join was a little high still on the bust and I don't want the purl ridge to hit too high. Also, if I ever knit this again (and I very well may) I think I'd make for a more dramatic neckline and knit more rows before the join. It felt like I knit forever before I finally got to join and knit in the round, but maybe I've just been knitting too many socks and expect too much too soon! Anyway.... back to knitting!


Pixiepurls said...

the drape looks good!

Yarn It said...

I am having the same issue as you, Jeanie. I am knitting two additional rows before the join and I am going to have to knit about two inches after the join to ensure the purl ridges hit below my bust. Otherwise, I'm afraid it wouldn't look quite right. I did try it on and it fit accross my chest nicely....just too high. So back to more rows of straitght knitting!

lilacknits said...

I am ready to start dividing the stitches for the sleeves for the SKB but I don't know how to determine if the sweater fits right to do this. Do I assume that where I am at now is the beginning of the stitches that go under the arm? I'm really confused because this is the first sweater with a shape that I've attempted!

Thank you!

Michelle said...

Looks great! Your further along than I am!

Jeanie said...

Hi LilacKnits -- Yes, it sounds like you've got it right... that where you divide for the sleeves is basically where the sweater is going to hit you under the arms. If you can, try to put the sweater stitches on a long piece of scrap yarn and try it on to see if it looks like it will fit the way you want it to. If it looks too small, do a few more rows before you divide for the arms. Keep trying it on until your comfortable with the fit. Then divide for the arms and away you go.