Monday, September 11, 2006

Finished SKB!

Excuse the bad pic. It was a cloudy day out so I couldn't get it in the right light. Also, in this pic, the purl ridges do seem to add a bit of bulk around the middle so I think if I were to make it again, i would eliminate them like others are doing. Otherwise, I really do love this sweater. It hasn't been blocked yet and even though it is lightweight, it kept me warm all evening yesterday outside (at a bbq for the Bears/Packers game). As I said before, I made it in Silky Tweed color # 17. I used sz 6 and sz 3 needles with perfect gauge. Now, I am in no way close to the small size (this is the medium), yet I could have made the small and it would have fit fine. I am hoping that blocking will lengthen it and pull it in some, otherwise I may toss it into the dryer for a few minutes and see if it will shrink up a bit. It is so comfortable though, and if it doesn't block out right, I will still wear it often, I will just have to adjust as the day goes on! Love it, love it love it!


Estellika said...

Yay, it looks so nice! More pics, more pics!

Penny said...

I love it! I'm still waiting on my Silky Tweed to arrive, but hopefully it will be here today. I even brought needles to work so I could swatch at lunch if it arrives in time :) I've been following your progress, since I'm using the same yarn. Since the yarn is slightly smaller, did you have to knit a different size than you would have normally?

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

Yay! you're so fast. It's lovely.