Monday, September 18, 2006

Short rows, waist shaping....It's all Greek to me!

Ok. First off I am starting with the SKB, I am planning on doing Sizzle also.
Second, I think I have been reading too many blog entries on too many sites and KAL's for this baby that I have become completely confused about the whole thing.
don't get me wrong, I understand the gist of the shaping thing, and I think I know how to do it in theory... I got S and B nation and I have read the page on that. Im just not clear on if I need short rows and I am not sure about the waist shaping because of the lace and smaller needles done in that area.
If I measure around at the fullest part of "the twins" I measure 38". Does this qualify me for needing the short rows? Also, my knitted garments in the past (yes I had gauge) have had a tendency to be loose and hang on me.
I am using Nashua Creative Focus, a wool and alpaca blend (it's divine) and I know that fibers tend to also decide how the sweater will wear.
When did this all become so complicated? I can remember the days when I was younger and used to pick up a pattern and yarn without thinking about weight, content, or swatches.....of course my final results were always interesting!
Anyone out there who can help clear this up for me?


Melissa said...

It's enough to have me pulling my hair out as well. On needing to add short rows, take into account your cup size. Most patterns are written for A/B cups and those of us with a larger cup have to make adjustments.

Take a look at the diagram for the SKB and compare to your own measurements. In my case, bust measurement is 42" (bra size is 36) and that's nowhere near my waist measurement. Not paying attention, I started knitting the large size that went with the measurement and it came out huge. Fit across the bust (with added short rows) and nowhere else.

I'm currently knitting the 36/38 size. After the given pattern increases, I added a set of short rows to each front side while increasing along the neckline. I knit a few rows straight (still increasing at the neckline) and then added another set of short rows. The plan is to increase until I have the number of stitches called for in the large size before looking back at the pattern and joining. I set the sleeve stitches apart where indicated in the pattern and they fit just fine.

I'm contemplating making a series of paired decreases that resemble princess seams to get back down to the correct number of stitches for the medium size before beginning the lace.

Knitty Cat said...

The absolute best best best book for learning how to to short rows for us girls with ginormous boobage is Big Girl Knits. I LOVE that book.