Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm ready to start.

Just wanted to drop a quick post to introduce myself; this is my first knit-along; I'm Shannon and I'm damn proud to call myself a sexy knitter!! I'm so glad I found you guys. Along with being my first KAL, it's also my first garment at all. I've done scarves and hats and even a guitar strap, but no garments. I have knit a sock that I hated, but am taking a sock knitting class to help with that this summer :) .
I've got my Calmer all ready to go. It was in my stash (I love, love love Calmer and found the chiffon at a ridiculously cheap price...something like $5.50 a skein, so I got 10 of them) just waiting for a pattern to jump out at me. Again, thanks guys. I can't wait to get started. I'm working on some felted boxes for a baby gift right now, but I'm ready to put that aside and work on something else. I'm going to print out Fifi for marking up as I go tomorrow and try to cast on. I have a VERY active 3 year old, so time is a precious commodity and I want to give this the proper attention so that I get it right. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

FIFI--wee little typo on rd 22!

bonjour all...
heads up for a tiny typo on rd should read:
Round 22 (staggered cable rd): For 120 CO sizes: *K4, then (C4F, K6) to 7 sts before marker, C4F, K3, SM*, rep from * to * around.
For 140 CO sizes: *K 9, then, (C4F, K 6) to 2 sts before marker, K 2, SM, repeat from *. This will allow the staggered cable to begin in the correct place; keeping the central cable which continues the entire length of the garment (center front and center back).

technically it was fine as written, but it is easy to be thrown off by the repeat *.... i want this pattern to be absolutely clear & correct...if you see anything else questionable or unclear, please let me know, xo k

My Burgundy Rose Fifi

Here's a picture of my Fifi from last night. I've really enjoyed the cable and rib pattern! My Sonata yarn arrived Wednesday afternoon. I swatched on US 6 needles and decided to use US 7's. Since then, I've made it through 43 rounds of the size M. However, I tried it on and determined that I needed to make a smaller size. The sleeves fit OK, but the front and back were too wide for me due to my narrow shoulders. Both bra straps were showing. I have a 38" chest circumference, but all my other measurements relate to a size S or XS (narrow shoulders and need for a short raglan seam). Furthermore, negative ease is really important for the neckline to look right. So... I frogged the whole thing and began again. I used the french girl suggestion of CO with smaller needles (US 5's rather than 7's), and this time I'm making either the S or XS --I'll know which size when I get to the sleeve separation. As I work my way toward the sleeve separation, I'll gradually switch from the size 5's to 6's then 7's. When I get to the bust area, I'll definitely have to add short rows.
For a second picture and more detail on my knitting of Fifi, please check out my blog.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

FIFI--web links for CO & cables w/o cable needle

bonjour all--
here are some visual links for those of
you who need to see the cable cast on method which i rec for FIFI: (great site!)
also ... for help with cables without a cable needle, there are a few nice tutorials to get you started: (this is using 6 sts instead of 4 like we will do with FIFI)
grumperina has one also, but it uses a different method than in FIFI--worth a look--see what works for you! (again using a 6 st cable)

tricotez-bien! xo, kristeen & the french girls

keystone pricing, yarn, and the Supreme Court

I know keystone pricing (basically minimum required pricing for retail sales) was a hot topic here a while ago (at least as far as yarn was concerned) so I thought I'd post a bit about today's U.S. Supreme Court decision on the issue. In a 5-4 decision, the Court overruled a 1911 case that made minimum pricing illegal per se (in non-lawyer speak, that means "absolutely illegal"), and directed all future minimum pricing cases to be decided using the "rule of reason" (lawyer speak for "you can fight about whether it is good for competition and/or public welfare and we'll listen.") If your eyes haven't glazed over yet, you may be wondering what this means for Sexy Knitters. Well, in an nutshell, it means fewer discounted yarns available over the internet, but hopefully more brick and mortar LYSs staying in business. Or, as Justice Breyer wrote in his dissent, "The only safe predictions to make about today's decision are that it will likely raise the price of goods at retail...." Knit on!

FIFI--sizing and such

bonjour lovelies--so great to see all the excited fifi lovers!! and the wonderful colors...magnifique!

now...a quick post about sizing...
since the CO for the xs & s size is the same, if you are feeling conflicted about which one to worries really until we get to the section where we make the join for the body....up to that point instructions are the same start with your 120 CO and go!!! yippee..

i will hopefully be working along with you (distracting myself from looming deadlines) using the dark espresso color calmer i had in my stash ...and maybe trying to work on a 3/4 sleeve mod depending on how much time i can sneak away from what i "should" be doing (oh...i am feeling very guilty)

....for those of you doing a larger size ...the 140 CO...( yes, i know, there is a sneaky little 120 CO in there with the larger sizes--but we had to set it up that way to make the cabling come out right on the sleeves!)--here are a few caveats--unless you are wide shouldered (like moi) or do not like your necklines too close to your neck...i would suggest the smaller CO even if you are in the larger sizes--sorry, i know this sounds confusing--and i would love to break this down a little more with any of you that are thinking of doing the 140 cast on because of a larger bust size--
really, so much of proper fit is determined by your shoulders--crazy right!--more on this later--
one thing you 140 CO's might do is this--take a long piece of yarn, artfully drape it over your front and back where you would like the neckline to be (helps to have a friend help w/this)...then measure the yarn....see how this works out with your gauge swatch --that will tell you approximately what would work best--or measure the neckline of a top that looks flattering on you...
please post any questions you might have re: sizing--we want fifi to rock on all of you--no matter the size!!
an additional idea here-- for all sizes-- those of you who tend to knit loosely (moi again) you might consider dropping down a needle size for the cast on and first round or so--if you have had issues with necklines being too floppy (although with calmer that is unlikely) or just want a really firm top edge--this might be a thought...
remember...with one piece can always adjust as you work--that's why we love 'em here in french girl land...even though they are a little more difficult to write patterns for, they are soooo worth it--thanks again for all the great comments, xo, kristeen & the french girls

Is it Fifi time yet? How about now? Now?


Got my pattern, got my yarn, I'm ready to go!

I recently finished a top in Calmer and I love, love, love the yarn. If it wasn't so damned expensive I'd use it for all my warm-weather knits. Luckily I found some cheap at Cucumberpatch, so I get to use it again, weeee! I think they still have some left, but only that one colour is on sale (it's discontinued). Still, if you like peach, gogogo!

I'm having the same "XS or S?" issue as a bunch of you, and I think I'm going to go with the 29.5 size. I just have a feeling that the 33.5 will be too big. Every time I pick a size that seems like the right one, it's always too big, so my new strategy is to knit things ridiculously small, and that way they'll somehow fit. This seems perfectly logical to me. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Since I can't get near a pattern without modifying it, I have a couple of very small mods planned. They involve a spool of black ribbon I happen to have lying around...

Red Carpet Convertible Sizing Question

Hi all. I'm looking at the Red Carpet Convertible pattern and noticed the sizing. For a medium (bust size 38"), the stated finished measure ment is 40". I'm confused - doesn't a garment of this nature usually have negative ease instead of positive ease? For example, Annie's corset top has a 1" negative ease. I measured out 40" on my 38" bust body and it seems like it would be awfully loose. Any ideas?


Calmer has Arrived!

I am so excited! My order from Richesse arrived moments ago. The yarn is a wonderful shade of blue and is so soft that I want to stop working and begin Fifi, but alas, if I stop working, I will not get paid and a dreadful downward spiral will begin. So, Calmer will go home with me this evening and I will get the needles ready for a Friday cast on. I wish I could have it ready for the 4th, but I doubt that I will be able to devote that much time to it.....

In other news, I found this button on the Crochet Dude's website. Since we are making the Red Carpet Convertible, I thought that we could all use the button on our sites.

Jeanie - I will email you the info so that you can add it to our side bar.

Calmer question

I swatched my Calmer and it came out true to gauge. I decided to go ahead and start knitting and my gauge seems off-- 7 stitches to the inch! Maybe this is due to the cables. At any rate, I fall between the XS and S as I need a finished garment that measures about 31 inches. I'm thinking that I'll just go ahead and make the small since my gauge is smaller. This stuff really stretches so I know it will fit, if not be a little big. My question is --for those of you who have used this yarn before--does Calmer stretch out and sag while it's being worn? If not, then I'm okay. I've done cotton things before that fit when you put them on then 6 hours later they appear to be a size or two too big! Will the stretch in this yarn prevent this from happening?

First KAL and second 'big thing'

Hi all!

I'm really excited to start this project - it's my first KAL and after I finish (hopefully!) I'll have my second 'big thing' (I've had a sock addiction for quite some time.) I'm just about to hit up the Liberty's Summer Sale to try and get some Rowan Calmer there... hopefully it won't all be gone by the time I arrive!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fifi and Red carpet convertible Kal

This will be my first knit along, so hopefully I'll be able to finish within the time frame. It's also my first neck down knitting. I'm going to try and do both projects,

I ordered my yarn from Webs online store hopefully it will get to me soon. I think they are in Massachusetts and I'm in California.

I also liked the Dale of Norway Svale yarn for Fifi but decided to go with the Rowan Calmer per the pattern.

Fifi - cropped sweater - Rowan Calmer - color vintage (490)
Red Carpet Convertible Corset - Berrocco Bonsai - color Japanese maple (4141)

Anxious to start

I ordered my yarn from Janette's ebay store and I'm raring to go! This will be my first KAL with this group although I've been watching all the pretty knits that you all have been knitting. I decided to go with Rowan Calmer Laurel. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can start swatching!

I'm so excited to take part in my first SKC KAL!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm playing a bit of catch up as a new member of the SKC. I started Rusted Root this week and hope to finish it next week. The great sweaters that you guys have knitted and your beautiful FOs are definitely inspiring.

I am going to do Fifi first. I splurged on Calmer (on sale at Richesseonline - Thanks for the tip Robin!) I am currently on a green sweater kick and am making a Kiwi Fifi. I've never knit with Calmer and am really excited to try it.

Yarn Stuff
For those of you considering the Kiwi color - it does not show up well online. I am very happy with the medium chartreusy/limey shade that it is but it looks nothing like any of the versions of it I saw online. On the Richesseonline site, it looks extremely bright - almost neon. If I had only seen it on that site, I probably wouldn't have ordered it. On the other sites that I checked, including Webs, it looks paler than it actually is. I decided to take a chance that it would be somewhere in the middle and was pleased to find out that it was.

Potential Yarn Substitution
When I was debating whether or not to splurge on Calmer, I looked at this yarn that is much less expensive and may work as a subsitution.
Classic Elite Star - It is 99% cotton and 1% lycra. The construction looks very stretchy although it looks more nubby than Calmer. It's on sale at Webs for $3.29/skein.

Short Row Shaping
I'm going to attempt short row shaping for the bust. Is anyone else trying this for the first time with Fifi?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Got my stuff

I'll be making Fifi in Calmer--color Refresh. I bought 5 skeins. I'm thinking that I would like it to be just a little bit longer--maybe an inch or two. I want to be able to wear it to work so I can't have my belly button showing! I like the idea of 3/4 length sleeves but I think I'll keep these short. I also ordered yarn for the Red Carpet Convertible. I am only making it corset length. I ordered Noro Hana Silk in vivid red (color #41). I found the yarn both on ebay and the online store of Celtic Cove ( It seems to retail for about $20 a skein in the US and the skeins are 40g. Celtic Cove is in the UK and the skeins there are 50g. It is also on clearance for about $13 a skein. I bought 6 skeins and I'm paying $10 for shipping. I think this yarn will work nicely. Reviewers say it has that nice crunch of silk yet it is very drapey. The gauge seems right as well. I can't wait to complete both!

I'll be interested to see how people modify Fifi. I really need it to be bigger than the 29.5 yet smaller than the 33 inches. 31 inches would be perfect. I will try it on and try to fudge wit hthe stitch pattern to make it work!

Stitches Midwest and East Blogger Meet-ups

Hi everyone -

I'm trying to organize meet-ups for all my blogging friends at Stitches Midwest and East. Check out my blog for details.. it'd be great to meet you all in person! Jeanie is looking for a roommate for Stitches Midwest, so let her know if you'd be interested in sharing a room to save yarn $$$$$!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Fifi Excitement!

I am sooo excited to start this knit! It's just so pretty & girly!!

I ordered Calmer in Chiffon from Janette's Rare Yarns on ebay - what a great deal, I never would have splurged on Calmer at full price.

I have a question for the designer & I thought I would post it here b/c it might help some other people out.

The pattern says 2-4 inches of negative ease - I am inbetween sizes - I have a 34" bust - I prefer my tops to be snugger rather than looser - my instinct is to knit the 29.5 & figure I can block it out if it ends up being too snug - what would you recommend? The 29.5" or the 33.5"?

Until I get my yarn, I'm working on Tomato - you can see my progress on my blog.

Count me in!

Well ladies, I am sooo thrilled that Fifi is our next KAL! I actually bought the pattern a few weeks ago, before the nominations even, because I had my calmer from last years Tempting II KAL that I decided wasn't going to be so tempting on me. (Cute top but I just decided it wouldn't look great on me...and you know Calmer isn't cheap-I want something I will wear if I use it!) Anyway when my pattern arrived I realized that I only had 5 skeins of the Calmer, not 6 or so I would need for my project. So I have been looking around emailing websites, ebay sellers, calling my local yarn shops trying to find the correct dye lot. I even ordered some from webs when I was ordering other stuff to see if it would be "close enough" It wasn' I was sad trying to figure out what I would do when low and behold Robin posted about Richesseonline I thought what the heck I'll go check them out see if they have Refresh and email them about dye lot....well to my VERY PLEASANT surprise, not only did they have Refresh, but they LIST the dye lot too!!! and can you believe.... I still cannot believe it...they had my dye lot!!!! I mean I bought my yarn over a year ago! I squealed out loud with delight as I quickly ordered myself 3 more skeins. To top it off it was on sale too!!! so let me tell you this MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!

Another Sale Source for Rowan Calmer

I am very excited that Fifi won, and that our second pattern is the Red Carpet Convertible. I just bought the RCC pattern last week, and I felt good about some of my "knitting dollar" going to a worthy cause. I'm hoping I will have the time to knit both.

I wanted to share another site where Calmer is on sale - I just ordered mine in Tangerine. I think Calmer is a very unique yarn and one that I would have a hard time finding a great substitute for. I've bought from and I like their prompt service and the fact that all of their shipments are sent via US Priority Mail. For US SKC members, they are an excellent choice. The only thing I would say is watch the colors of the yarns as displayed on your monitor - they are a little less accurate on their site than on others, from my prior experience.

Can't wait to start!

i'm waiting...

as we speak for my fifi download and i've ordered calmer in the color garnet...for thlong sleeve version of fifi...can'y wait to try this yarn!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

FIFI - have yarn and pattern!!

I am so excited to start this sweater. I bought my yarn Rowan Calmer - Lucky. I loved the color in the store but now that I have it at home I am nervous. It's very lavender. It is summer time though and this is a cotton short sleeve sweater, so I am going to risk it and go forward. I hope I don't look like an Umpalumpa when I am done :). I have swatched on size 7, 8, 9 needles. Depending on how much I stretch out the work I can get gauge on all three. I think I am going to go forward with the size 8. I emailed Kristeen about the negative ease to make sure I cast on for the correct size. She immediately emailed me back (I was so impressed). Said she will post answers to SKC questions on her site so we can all read them. She also said she is going to post more details on Short Row Bust Shaping, which I am very excited for. I haven't done this technique yet, but am hoping it will help this sweater fit perfect. I can't wait to see every one's yarn and projects. This is the first time I have used Calmer - I am in love with it!!!! I am going to need to get a second job to afford my upcoming Calmer yarn addiction.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Winner and Next Knit Along Info

Congratulations to Michelle B, our winner of the Sahara/Rusted Root Knit along! Michelle has won a copy of Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark. Congratulations again Michelle!

We have also deleted all "posters" from our previous knit along, so those of you who are interested in posting for this knit along will need to request posting privileges all over again. I know, it's a bit of a pain to have to request posting privileges for each knit along (it's a pain for us to delete and re-add you too) but it's a small price to pay for a smoother running site.

Now, on to our next knit along. The next knit along will officially begin on July 1st. That is just around the corner so gather up your supplies pronto! The knit along will last about 2 months to allow ample time for those who want to knit both patterns. As always, we will have a drawing for all those who knit either pattern. We will also have a second drawing for those who knit both! The winner of the first drawing will win their choice of either a Sexy Knitters Club t-shirt or Sexy Knitters Club tote bag, and the winner of the second drawing for those who knit both patterns) will win their choice of a Sexy Knitters Club t-shirt or Sexy Knitters Club tote bag PLUS 2 skeins (enough to knit a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves or a nice long scarf) of Patons SWS yarn in the Geranium colorway. Hat and scarf weather is just around the corner, so this should be perfect timing! Check out the hat and fingerless mitts I made from this yarn last year.

Don't forget to visit the Sexy Knitters Club Fifi page for pattern info (downloadable pattern coming soon) and to donate and download Annie's Red Carpet Convertible pattern. I'm very excited about knitting both of these patterns and can't wait to see what yarns everybody is using to knit these beauties!

Woohoo, let's go!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Important Announcement!

My dear friend and fellow SKC'er, Sherri, brought this (scroll down to get the full scoop) to my attention and thought it would be a good idea to post a link to it on the SKC. I couldn't agree more (thank you Sherri) and I personally would encourage each and every member to donate generously to this cause. I do not know Annie Modesitt personally (although she HAS helped me out with pattern support via email in the past), however I am a huge fan of her patterns and am heart-broken to learn that her family has been handed a challenge such as this.

In an effort to help out, I am officially declaring the next SKC knit along another double knit along including both Fifi (our winner -- yay!) and Annie's Red Carpet Convertible. I don't know about y'all but I am really excited to knit BOTH of these patterns! AND, as an extra incentive to knit BOTH, we will have a really nice drawing for all those who do! I know, I know, I haven't even gotten around to drawing a winner from the last knit along but I will soon I promise! Don't forget that the Fifi pattern will be available for all SKC members soon -- stay tuned for updates!

Annie, if you read this, on behalf of the Sexy Knitters Club, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please let us know if (other than donating) there is ANYTHING else we can do for you!

Edited to add: Kristeen just emailed me and has put together a special Fifi page just for the Sexy Knitters Club! This page is full of invaluable information regarding the Fifi pattern and yarn substitutions, so be sure to check it out. Kristeen hopes to have the downloadable version of Fifi available early next week for SKC members only so if you're not already a member of the SKC, NOW is the time to sign up! Thanks Kristeen!!!

Edited to add (again): I heard from Annie regarding the Red Carpet Convertible pattern and this is what Annie said,
Actually, I just found out that Classic Elite will be allowing me to sell the yarn on my website for $20/skein (about 50% off) which will be a wonderful thing! I don't know all the details yet, but you may want to pass that along to the group.
As far as substitutions, I would use a lightweight ribbon - like a nylon ribbon - which would give the drape you need and keep the dress from being too heavy. A light worsted yarn would be nice, as long as it had a bit of loft to it (once again, the drape + lightweight is what you're looking for!) A dense, heavy yarn would make a dress that would be hard to wear, but if one just wanted to make it corset length then a nice lofty silk would be good (like Artyarns Regal Silk).

Regarding how many skeins of the Classic Elite it takes to knit the top, Annie said,
I'm not sure exactly how many skeins are required for the top, but I'd estimate 3 or 4. It's always such a crap shoot...

And finally, regarding modifying the pattern for a 35" bust (or thereabouts), Annie said,
The reason there is such a gap between sizes is because of the way the ribbing falls. If you want to take some of the stitches out to make it smaller, that probably wouldn't hurt (as long as you're okay with reworking the math!)

Any mathematicians out there?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FIFI -- ready for download!

bonjour lovelies!
the french girls thank you for your patience and fifi is now ready for download!
please visit us at the skc fifi page for loads of swatch pix and info on subs for calmer if you choose to go with something different...
we hope to be knitting along with you all, answering your questions, and working on mods for fifi...longer length, 3/4 sleeves, & working with short rows for the bust-i-licious amongst us...
thanks again for all the skc love and if there are any problems with the download (we have set it up as 4 pdf pages to facilitate file transfer)....please let us know and we will try to straighten it out...

please feel free to ask questions about sizing, subs and such and we will try to answer them via the skc blog....merci...a la prochaine, kristeen & the french girls

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello ALL SKC Members

I stumbled on this page while trolling around on another members page and just had to join! the patterns i have seen are gorgeous and you all have done such a wonderful job knitting them. I myself have never knit a sweater, T, or tank and was wondering if you could all recommend a pattern to begin with. I am not a beginning knitter, I have done lace shawls, socks, hats, blankets and stuffed animals, I just have never done the whole clothing thing. I was looking at Sahara and Simple Knitted Bodice. I have read the patterns and there are some things i don't understand. So recommendations are welcome and help is definitely needed. Volunteers anyone?

My Blog

Friday, June 15, 2007

Another KAL Nomination

I've been watching all the other nominations roll in and waiting to be able to post. Just got my KAL invite today, so I hope it's not too late to nominate.

Anyway, a simple FREE pattern that even I should be able to finish w/in the KAL time-limit (it's yet to happen:knitting ADD).

The Summertime Tunic

The link to the pattern's PDF file is here.

allie at allie knits

Last Call For Nominations......

Hello Sexy Knitters!

Just a reminder that today, Friday - June 15th, is the last day for nominations for the next knitalong. So if you still have a favorite that you'd like to have considered, please be sure to post. And if you have a favorite that someone else has nominated, please be sure to leave your comments, as the top 20 nominations (which we will later be voting on) are decided by positive feedback. We'll have the top 20 posted for you on Saturday, June 16th with links to the pattern sources, and then a poll will follow on or around June 17th. Stay tuned - can't wait to see what we'll be knitting next!

My votes

I am putting in my vote for the Ribs and Lace Tank from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 posted by Cheri.

Also Zinzin posted by Cin.

KAL Nomination

I have nominations for the next KAL if I can get them to post properly.

The first one is a corset by Annie Modesitt

Here's the link to the website.

She will be posting another version (on the right) shortly that has options for the neckline or to be made into a short or long dress.

This is the Peacock Cardigan available at

It's a nice lightweight for the summer months and will look great in lots of different colors.

And finally, here's another pattern called Corset Pullover from Interweave. It's a free pattern you can find here:
This might be better suited for fall, but it is done in cotton which would feel great.
This is my first post, so if any of the links don't work, let me know and I'll see if I can correct them. They are previewing as the full link and I don't think they're supposed to.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

FO #2!

I finished my Rusted Root two nights ago! I can't believe I was able to complete both KAL projects!

Pattern: Rusted Root by Zephyr Style, size Small
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Sedona Red--under 3 skeins
Needles: 24" and 32" Knit Picks Options size 4 and 6, 12" Addi Turbos size 4
Time to complete: less than 3 weeks

I'm really pleased with this one! It's one of those items that can be worn year round!
I'm looking forward to the next KAL!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sahara Pictures as Promised

Okay, I'm not the most photogenic person, but here is a picture of me actually in the FO...

Knitty Nominations

I am having problems uploading pics today.

I really liked Askew and Coachella. They both have a little bit of a different technique plus they are compatible with most bras. Askew can be worn as a vest.

Nomination: Badia

I would like to nominate the Badia pattern for the next KAL. The pattern can be found free from the Berroco website. Sizes for this pattern range from XS to 2XL. Thanks.

Progress on Rusted Root

I have to admit, when I saw this pattern I thought it would be a little puzzling to me. I have never worked on anything evolving lace. But after seeing how great everyone's Rusted Root looked, I had to make one for me! I know I started this KAL late, but I am determined to complete this sweater. I did complete the Sahara with the KAL, so I am at peace with myself.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nomination: Zinzin

Well, I'm still partial to my Fifi nomination (and I got my pattern for it today! I'm making it whether or not it gets picked, heh), but going with the idea of a double KAL with a second, easier pattern, I have another nomination.

Zinzin from the new Knitty (that just came out today):

It looks gorgeous, fairly easy, and it's free! I'm not sure how practical it is with the open back and all, but everyone needs a few sexy, impractical tops, right?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My nominations

I would like to re-nominate "the Deep V Argyle Vest" from See Eunny Knit! The pattern can be downloaded here.

I think it's totally sexy and would be great to knit to get ready for Fall.

If people aren't quite ready to do something for the fall, I love this lace top from the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine:

And finally, for something completely differnt, how about knitting some sexy socks!?!? They are the perfect thing to knit during the summer since there isn't a lot of material to keep you toasty in the hot weather. Plus I totally think you can do sexy hand knit socks. My three nominations for the Sexy Sock Along would be:

1) To do a generic Sexy Sock Along where members picked their own patterns. (Wouldn't it be fun to see all the different sexy socks people come up with?)

2) Baudelaire

3) Monkey

A newbie and a nom....

I am new to the SKC, and looking forward to participating. I have been a lurker for awhile and consistently enjoy the projects chosen and the FOs.

My nomination for the next KAL is Stefanie Japel's Drop-Stitch Lace Fitted Tank, from Fitted Knits
lace tank

Ok - full disclosure..I've started this, but need a kick in the behind. It is light and summery and sexy....

I have liked the other noms as well..I am ready to get some summer projects underway.

Isabella Nomination

I nominate Isabella from the Spring 07 Knitty.

Another nomination

First of all, I would love to see another double KAL like the last one. That way we could have a basic project and a more challenging one so knitters of different skill levels could feel included. Personally, I LOVE Fifi which was nominated earlier but some people may find it to be somewhat intimidating. I find that the top down sweaters are easier to fit as you go along and that is a plus since we are all shaped differently.

With all this in mind, I would like to nominate Picovoli, a free pattern from Magknits.

This design is knit topdown and is seamless. I think it would be the perfect canvas for some lovely handdyed or novelty sportweight yarns.


I'd like to nominate these:

The tube toperoni from Zephyr Style

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Krista Tee Nomination

I'd like to nominate the White Lies pattern: Krista Tee again. It calls for a worsted weight yarn, and here's the link:

I think it would look lovely over a camisole:)

Friday, June 08, 2007

sahara progress...

the body of sahara is completely done, now for the sleeves. i love this soy silk, this is southwest trading co phoenix and as much as i disliked beading the neckline and hem myself i like the beads on the neckline and hem! i would like to have used a yarn that is already beaded but i really wanted to try this soy. this fits beautifully and can't wait to picture me in it but for now just a flat pic of the neckline. i will never make this in time for the end of this kal but i'm enjoying it anyway.

Sasha once again

Well, I just can't let this nomination round go without trying my best to illicit company as I knit this skirt again. It's Sasha once again!
I have been way-laid by other projects and clubs that I just seem to keep joining, so I did cast on before, but I'm still knitting. My goal is to have this all knit up by the time I go to my family reunion at the end of July. Therefore, I need others with me, inspirinig me with their own progress/success on this interesting knit. Some of the techniques are a bit advanced, so I call this a "learning piece." I know there was interest before, so c'mon - take the challenge/plunge and help me out!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

3 Nominations

Hello, Here are three patterns to add to the nominations.

On the web-site you can click on the image for a bigger pic.

This is the wavy tank

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This is the
ribbed top

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This is the gathered eyelets

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The patterns are free and would do well on most body types, I am thinking, but honestly.. that French Girl nomination sure has my eye.

Intro and Nomination

Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking here for a couple of months, and have really enjoyed seeing all the Rusted Roots and Saharas. I actually got both patterns for Mother's Day, and plan to make them shortly, even if I have missed the KAL.

I'm a married mom of one in Michigan, and have recently decided that I will only knit for people who appreciate the work (i.e. mostly me!), so the wonderful nominations are really inspiring. If I may, I'd like to nominate Badia, a freepattern from Berroco. I'll add the link as soon as I learn how; this is my first blog entry ever.

I'm really looking forward to the next KAL, whatever pattern we choose.

Edited to add link

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

KAL Nomination

Okay...I saw this and thought that it might be perfect for the next KAL. The kit is reasonable and includes the pattern and the yarn. You can also purchase any color that is available, just note the change in the comment section of the checkout.

It takes three skeins for the XS, SM, and Medium and four for the LG and XL. Not a bad deal....

Edit Update: I received an email from kpixie - If we want to use this pattern, they have no problem with everyone picking from any of the colors of the Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton Yarns. There are 29 colors of the dyed cotton plus 6 colors in the organic cotton to choose from. My entire order, including Shipping & Handling came to $35.10. If we select this one, the gals at kpixie will make sure that they have plenty of yarn on hand. We just need to remember to specify the color we want in the comments section of the order form.

I can't wait to see the final nomination post.....

Finished Sahara!

I was afraid that I would never get the chance to get this posted....I finally finished my version.

Before: April 01, 2007

Finished Project: June 03, 2007

Close Up of the Neck Lace:

Yarns used:

Main Color: Berroco Glace - color 2579 (Chocolate) - Used 8 Skeins
Accent Color: Berroco Zodiac - Color 9611(Aries) - Used 2 skeins

Modifications - none. I made it exactly as called for for the large. I did change the neck lace a bit by purl 3 TOG in the front. My wrist would just not let me do the called for application.

This was my first time participating with the group and I must admit that watching everyone finish their Saharas and Rusted Roots spurred me on to finish. I will post pictures of me in the sweater as soon as it is dry (blocking now).

I am looking forward to the next one!

KAL Nomination

I would like to nominate Lacy Little Top. The pattern can be found on the kpixie site for $5. The pattern in shown in hemp, but I thought it might look great other yarns like cotton/linen too. It is very flattering, easy to wear a bra with or layer a tank under. Thanks

A Contest!

This is slightly off topic, but my buddy Pheelya, who is a member of the SKC, is having a contest for her birthday on her blog. To enter--click on the hot link and leave her a comment. You MUST say that you read about the contest on MY blog! The prize involves some stash and knowing Pheelya--it's premium stuff!

You must leave a comment on Pheelya's blog at the above link, telling her your favorite project or --get this--alcoholic beverage--preferably something new and exciting. In your comment, you must tell Pheelya from whose blog you learned about the contest. You must then put the info on YOUR blog with a link to the contest!

Let the games begin!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Totally finished Sahara

Here is my Sahara, finally blocked and modelled!

I loved this yarn prior to blocking and I love it even more now! I was concerned that the sleeves were too tight and I was able to block them into shape perfectly. It feels luscious against the skin. The yarn is Handmaiden Great Big Sea Silk.

Now I have to finish Rusted Root which will be done in a couple of days! I'll be ready for the next KAL!

Eiffel Question

I'm embarassed to tell you that I'm still working on Eiffel. I'm desperate to get some help with the sleeves so I'm confessing.
Could anyone who knit Eiffel please let me know how the sleeve increases were done in the 3x4 rib the pattern specifies? Do I knit or purl the M1?
I apologize for taking up post space for a past project, but I'm stuck until I get some help!
Thanks! Ruth

Monday, June 04, 2007

2 more Nominations

Honorine is from Magknits and comes in 2 lengths for different seasons. It has a sexy lace segment down the middle that can show off skin or color by mixing it up with a cami underneath.

Scarlet Woman Sleeveless Tank is designed by pieKnits. I think this is a pattern that works for all. It is $5.50.

This bra-friendly tank top features wide straps and optional bra-stay snaps to keep those undergarment straps from peaking through. The optional short row bust darts provide a smoother fit. Deceptively simple diagonal ribbing for the empire waist add shape and detail while keeping the top portion solid enough that an undershirt is not required for actual wear. Throw on during a hot summer's day or layer over a long sleeve shirt for a fall look. Available in sizes for 32-54 inch bust

One Skein Wonder

I nominate Stephanie Japel's One Skein Wonder for the next KAL. It should be a fast knit and for those of us who -ahem - don't seem to ever finish a SKC KAL ontime it might give us a chance to actually complete and post a FO! For those who like more of a challenge, perhaps we could knit One Skein Wonder along with a more intricate project? See another picture here.

Nomination:Turkish Lace Cami

It's a little weird to nominate one's own pattern, but when I was formatting this, I was thinking about the Sexy Knitters Club! This pattern uses 400-600 yards of DK yarn and is available in a wide range of sizes. It's a really quick summer project, perfect for a variety of's shown here in Knit Picks Twists, but a solid yarn would look lovely, too. Choose the DK yarn suitable for you: hot weather cotton or rayon or cool weather luxuries like merino, alpaca blends, or even cashmere. Wear it over a tank, a t-shirt, or a camisole, try it as a cover-up with your bathing suit--or (blush) try a more revealing option!

The Turkish Lace Camisole is available as a downloadable pattern here.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Completed Sahara

I finally completed my Sahara. This was my first completed sweater for myself and my first knit-a-long, so I am very proud of myself! I casted on 3/27/07 and finished 5/22/07. I used Rowan All Season Cotton in the color Misty and US size 8 and 6 needles to get gauge. The pattern was fairly easy. I have discovered that knitting top down with circular needles is much more fun to knit than back and forth on straight needles.

I am currently working on a pink Rusted Root for myself. I know I am late to the game, but after seeing how great everyone looked in their Rusted Root sweater, I had to make me one!

Sahara Completed

As promised - here's my pic of Sahara completed. This was the second SKC KAL that I participated in and the first time that I did both SKC projects. I'm really looking forward to the next one as well. More details on my blog.

My Intro and My Nominations

Hello everyone! My name is Valerie and I can't wait to get started knitting with all of you! I skimmed around the net and found a couple of patterns I would like to nominates. The First One is Soleil from Knitty.

The secone one I came acrossed was on a vintage knitting site.

And to break up the nominations for shirts. I thought that this skirt might be a challenge and fun at the same time.

That's all folks!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

sahara without the pooling

i decided to rip out the wierd pooling since i forgot to pick up and knit my wrapped stitches and had to rip any way. i started a new ball of yarn and am much happier with the color variations this time. this yarn is phoenix...soysilk..purchased at knit pixie and i'm loving it a lot!