Sunday, June 10, 2007

My nominations

I would like to re-nominate "the Deep V Argyle Vest" from See Eunny Knit! The pattern can be downloaded here.

I think it's totally sexy and would be great to knit to get ready for Fall.

If people aren't quite ready to do something for the fall, I love this lace top from the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine:

And finally, for something completely differnt, how about knitting some sexy socks!?!? They are the perfect thing to knit during the summer since there isn't a lot of material to keep you toasty in the hot weather. Plus I totally think you can do sexy hand knit socks. My three nominations for the Sexy Sock Along would be:

1) To do a generic Sexy Sock Along where members picked their own patterns. (Wouldn't it be fun to see all the different sexy socks people come up with?)

2) Baudelaire

3) Monkey


Anonymous said...

I like the sock idea, I don't know how well received it will be but its a good idea.

FantasyKnits said...

I'd vote for the Deep V Argyle Vest - it's a great design!

PiggleKnits said...

I'd definitely vote for the Deep V vest. I've been wanting to knit that for a while now. And the pattern only calls for DK weight wool, so that leaves open options for those who would like to only purchase consumer friendly yarns.

Susan said...

I love all three!

Great idea with the Sexy Sock Along. Socks are perfect for Summer knitting.

Fantastic nominations!

Jessica said...

I love the sock idea. There are so many great stocking patterns too like Bellocq or the Over the Knee stockings from Handknit Holidays.