Thursday, June 28, 2007

Calmer question

I swatched my Calmer and it came out true to gauge. I decided to go ahead and start knitting and my gauge seems off-- 7 stitches to the inch! Maybe this is due to the cables. At any rate, I fall between the XS and S as I need a finished garment that measures about 31 inches. I'm thinking that I'll just go ahead and make the small since my gauge is smaller. This stuff really stretches so I know it will fit, if not be a little big. My question is --for those of you who have used this yarn before--does Calmer stretch out and sag while it's being worn? If not, then I'm okay. I've done cotton things before that fit when you put them on then 6 hours later they appear to be a size or two too big! Will the stretch in this yarn prevent this from happening?


Iris G said...

In my experiences, Calmer does not sag at all and holds up amazingly well.

robin said...

It truly is unique among other cotton yarns, as it seems to have more wool-like properties than cotton-like. It doesn't sag or stretch out while being worn.