Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fifi and Red carpet convertible Kal

This will be my first knit along, so hopefully I'll be able to finish within the time frame. It's also my first neck down knitting. I'm going to try and do both projects,

I ordered my yarn from Webs online store hopefully it will get to me soon. I think they are in Massachusetts and I'm in California.

I also liked the Dale of Norway Svale yarn for Fifi but decided to go with the Rowan Calmer per the pattern.

Fifi - cropped sweater - Rowan Calmer - color vintage (490)
Red Carpet Convertible Corset - Berrocco Bonsai - color Japanese maple (4141)

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Cyn said...

That Berroco Bonsai sure looks purty, nice choice. Let us know how you like it!