Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Sale Source for Rowan Calmer

I am very excited that Fifi won, and that our second pattern is the Red Carpet Convertible. I just bought the RCC pattern last week, and I felt good about some of my "knitting dollar" going to a worthy cause. I'm hoping I will have the time to knit both.

I wanted to share another site where Calmer is on sale - I just ordered mine in Tangerine. I think Calmer is a very unique yarn and one that I would have a hard time finding a great substitute for. I've bought from and I like their prompt service and the fact that all of their shipments are sent via US Priority Mail. For US SKC members, they are an excellent choice. The only thing I would say is watch the colors of the yarns as displayed on your monitor - they are a little less accurate on their site than on others, from my prior experience.

Can't wait to start!


Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this Robin. This is the same place that I ordered mine from too. I ordered the Refresh. I am looking ofrward to working with this yarn as well.

Michelle said...

Thanks Robin! YOu cannot know how excited I am...I had 5 balls of refresh, and wanted to use it for fifi, but it wasn't enough....I bought the yarn over a year ago! I've been looking all over for a matching dye lot. Can you believe that they had it!!!!????? and then to be on sale too! Perfect!
Thanks for sharing with us!

robin said...

Very cool - thanks to both Lisa and Michelle for reaffirming my decision to post about this!! Can't wait to get started!

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks so much for sharing Robin!