Friday, June 01, 2007

Project #2

I finished Sahara last week and thought I'd do up Rusted Root. I really like this pattern. I am knitting it in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Sedona Red. I doubt I'll ever use this yarn again. I find that it splits terribly with my knit picks needles. It's quite a pain, though I must admit that I like the way it works.

I hope to finish it within the week.

I do have a question for those of you who have done this sweater. Did you use the smaller needles for the ribbing on the sleeves? I worry that the ribbing could end up too tight. Did any of you use the same size needle for the sleeve ribbing as the rest of the sweater? I am knitting the body on a size 6 and the pattern calls for size 4 needles for the ribbing. I may comprimise and use a size 5. Any suggestions?


Chrispy said...

I knit mine with size US 5 needles. I am quite happy with the arm band fit. It is one of my sweaters that I reach for every time I plan to go out.

Cyn said...

I used the smaller needles, but honestly, it doesn't make a huge difference. When I did the bottom ribbing, I forgot to switch needles for 3 rows or so and I don't see a noticeable difference where I made the switch.

I actually ended up ripping back my sleeves and redoing them with some decreases because they were too big, but that was probably caused by my messing with the pattern.

Sarah said...

Oh I love that color! I'm getting ready to start one in a chocolate brown!