Friday, June 29, 2007

My Burgundy Rose Fifi

Here's a picture of my Fifi from last night. I've really enjoyed the cable and rib pattern! My Sonata yarn arrived Wednesday afternoon. I swatched on US 6 needles and decided to use US 7's. Since then, I've made it through 43 rounds of the size M. However, I tried it on and determined that I needed to make a smaller size. The sleeves fit OK, but the front and back were too wide for me due to my narrow shoulders. Both bra straps were showing. I have a 38" chest circumference, but all my other measurements relate to a size S or XS (narrow shoulders and need for a short raglan seam). Furthermore, negative ease is really important for the neckline to look right. So... I frogged the whole thing and began again. I used the french girl suggestion of CO with smaller needles (US 5's rather than 7's), and this time I'm making either the S or XS --I'll know which size when I get to the sleeve separation. As I work my way toward the sleeve separation, I'll gradually switch from the size 5's to 6's then 7's. When I get to the bust area, I'll definitely have to add short rows.
For a second picture and more detail on my knitting of Fifi, please check out my blog.


Knittymuggins said...

Love that color! Looks great so far :)

debbie said...

Thanks for the post!

I read the sizing post this morning which started me thinking that perhaps I should have made a smaller size, but I hated to rip out what was done. After reading your entry, I'm ripping mine out. I figure if you can rip out all you had done than I can rip my 13 rows!

Very pretty color you chose. Looks great!

Cyn said...

It looks lovely, shame about the frogging. How are you liking the Sonata as a sub?