Thursday, June 28, 2007

FIFI--web links for CO & cables w/o cable needle

bonjour all--
here are some visual links for those of
you who need to see the cable cast on method which i rec for FIFI: (great site!)
also ... for help with cables without a cable needle, there are a few nice tutorials to get you started: (this is using 6 sts instead of 4 like we will do with FIFI)
grumperina has one also, but it uses a different method than in FIFI--worth a look--see what works for you! (again using a 6 st cable)

tricotez-bien! xo, kristeen & the french girls


bobi1218 said...

Thanks for the links!!! I've been afraid to try cables without a cable needle - the stitches hanging in mid-air makes me nervous :) But those tutorials make it seem doable!

Kozy Kitty said...

I started Fifi doing my cables with a cable needle. After two rows with cable twists, I decided to try the instructions in the pattern for cabling without a cable needle. I really like doing it that way! I found that it just took too long to pick up and put down the cable needle so frequently! Things move along quickly this way!

Jeanie said...

I used the no-cable-needle method for my Patons Cabled Hoodie and LOVED it! I highly recommend it!

Knittymuggins said...

Thank you so much for all the links and all the fantastic pattern support! You are the best! I have always used a cable needle, but this will give me a chance to try something new :) Merci!!

robin said...

Kozy Kitty - I was planning on just doing the cables with a cable needle, like you did. Now that you say it really is faster without, I will give this a try. Thanks!

Like Maryanne said, it's been something I've been wanting to learn and this will give me a chance to try it out!