Monday, July 30, 2007

Elann Esprit?

I was wondering if anyone else is using this sub and if they're having any problems? I cast on last night and like it so far but wonder if there is anything I need to watch out for while working the pattern. I got gauge and it seems to be moving right along but would like to be aware of any pattern changes I might need to make, it's my first time knitting cables. Thanks!

Fifi...Getting Closer

I am almost done with Fifi. I have about 4 inches left. I am at 10.5 below the arm opening right now. I want it to hit at least the top of my jeans. I love it. However, there are a couple of things I would change if I was going to go back. First I knitted it up on size 7 needles even though my gauge was way off (25st and 36 rounds -before blocking). I wish I would have went up to at least size 8. I had to add a bunch of rows to the top bodice section to make it long enough b/c of my gauge and now top bodice part looks very long even though it hits me correctly on the bust. I am not sure how flattering I think that is. Second thing (and the most important) I shouldn't have skipped the short row shaping. I tried it several times but it didn't seem to look right so I ripped it out and decided to skip it. Big mistake!!! The front is way shorter than the back and on a sweater this fitted you can really tell. Third and last thing I would do differently, I would not but the lower body pattern in the back. I would have just done the K2, P2 rib across. I think the back cable and chevrons look a little like a back bone on me. Plus b/c I didn't do the short rows it makes the pulling through the front more obvious. All those changes are minor and does not change how much I love my Fifi. I even love the color now. I am going to try and finish it tonight and get it blocked. I will post a final picture when I am done. Oh one more thing, I am going to have to break into my 5th ball of calmer (just barley) had I gone up a needle size it would have taken only 4.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Off kilter

Help! My center cable does not line up. I ended up with the staggered cable row in the middle. I like the fit and don't want to frog the entire thing. I did one, 8 row repeat section for the body and the off center cable is too noticeable. I've mulled this over for a few days and I think my plan is to continue with the upper bodice cable and rib pattern. What do you think?? Feeling a bit depressed by this - but that may be Harry Potter syndrome. - Kellie

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm still knitting

and not reading harry potter! here's my fifi progress. i'm loving the calmer a lot and loving the pattern. i haven't tried her on yet so i better get to that before i'm done huh? has everyone seen the zephyr knits new pattern tree jacket? check it out at zephyr style. i'm loving that too and if one of you doesn't nominate it for the september kal i promise you i will!

No new posts since Saturday?

Is no one knitting? Everyone just reading the Harry Potter book?? LoL

I'm on page 247 - I didn't get to start it until yesterday because my hubby had to finish it first. I'm so torn at night - read or knit, read or knit? I wish I could master doing both at the same time :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Calmer, anyone?

Jannette has added some more colors available for $6.25-$6.50 here.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Broke down

Hi guys!
I missed the last KAL, but I've cast on for Fifi and I have to admit...I love this knit!
I'm going to add length to the body and sleeves and I will also need to do the additional bust shaping. Has anyone done this yet??? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm in!

I picked up the Fifi pattern a week ago and had NO idea y'all had picked it for a knitalong - whee! Aren't you impressed with my psychic abilites??

I'm going with Calmer in 'Blush' - yummy magenta. I may need moral support on this one - my first fitted sweater. Eeep. After reading up on all the notes here, I selected the 33.5" size. Gauge swatch seems good so away I go... Here she is so far. I think it's about row 29. I'll have more on my blog if you care to peek.

Got my yarn

So, my Calmer arrived a couple days ago! Very pretty shade. Discontinued, but I got at a fair enough price. If anyone else is looking for some calmer, check out Destash, there's someone on there with 10 balls of a royal purple color for only $90! She lowered her price right after I bought mine, darn. Ah well, I really like this color, so I'm happy. I hope Fifi is really as fast a knit as all of you guys make it seem. I am getting a late start.

I also was wondering if anyone is starting or making the RCC. I was thinking of using a bamboo tape yarn, but then saw that someone else is using the Hana Silk. There's a gorgeous shade of burnt orange that I'd love to try out, but wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend the extra dough. Let me know!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Onto Fifi...

I finished Rusted Root this morning. Well, almost, I still have to weave in the ends. I can't believe it, but I misread the pattern (more than once, obviously) and finished in 2x2 instead of 2x1. Bah! Oh well, I still love the sweater and know I will wear this one a lot. I want to make it in another color, maybe using the new serindipity tweed from brown sheep, and not screw up this time. I found sexy knitters quite late into the last KAL so I didn't start Rusted Root until July 6th. Fast knit, though I had to frog many MANY times, as I'm a very new knitter. This is my first adult garment and first lace project and I can't wait to start on Fifi, my first cable project. Yah! I may cast on tonight.

Fifi - Le Progress

Okay, so after several stops and starts and a frogging from the arm separation all the way back to casting on again, I'm finally at the bodice. I'm using Paton's Katrina so the cables aren't so easy to see in the photo but in person it's much better. Katrina is very stretchy since it has some elastic in it. I am knitting the medium and CO 120 at first but it was too small. So I frogged it and CO 140. I think it's better. My gauge is off in the width and the length so I had to add a few rows before the bodice. I am following the the pattern and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I'm doing the bodice pattern correctly. I can't imagine having to frog it again!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Short row questions


So I have come to the portion of the pattern that states that if you are a C cup or larger to add short rows. I range from a D to DDD cup depending on my body's mood, currently it is a D/DD. I understand how and where to add them. What I don't understand is how many sets of short rows I am to do? Are there visual clues that lead me to know when enough is enough?

If you would like to know more about my adventures on Fifi, check out my blog.

I feel like Goldilocks.

I'm having some sizing issues with Fifi and am not quite sure how to get to "just right." For bust size, I need knit the medium, which will give me 4 inches of negative ease. However, the neckline for the medium is a 140 cast on and will put Fifi off my shoulders, which I don't want. I am uncertain whether to cast on and follow the directions for the small, upsizing it to get to medium, or to cast on and follow the directions for the large while downsizing it to get to medium. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you deal with it?


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am on my way, Fifi!!

I was at Charlotte Yarn today working on the plans for an intro to lace class and manage to find the only copy of FiFi they had on hand. It was in the French Girls Notebook that has all the patterns in it. Remi was sweet enough to let me pick it up and she is going to order a replacement or 6 since I told her it was on the KAL this go round.

Now, I am not allowed to START this one until I finish my Tomato from No Sheep for You. Good thing all I have left is the neckline!!! I just finished sleeve 2 of it and am weaving in the last of the tails (I hate to weave ends in so I try to do it as I go and I wasn't so good at that this time. BUT - I have 2 more and then I will pick up the neck and finish it on Sunday. Then I will move on to FiFi!!!

The RCC pattern should be on the way since I asked for the printed version. Not sure if I will get to it to with everything else, but I am going to make an effort.


Just a quick post to let everyone know that I started a group over on Ravelry
for members of this group to get together over there on Ravelry and chat/look at each other's stashes etc. I hope this is okay. If not, let me know and I'll delete the group. I thought it would be fun for us. For those of us that aren't on Ravelry yet, it's in beta and by invitation (on a waiting list), it will be open to everyone really soon. Again, let me know if I overstepped and I'll get rid of the group. Now I'm worried that I did overstep and I should have asked first...ARGH!!! I'm having one of those days...

garnet fifi progress...

i've separated the sleeves and am on my way to the change in pattern for the body. i love this calmer and am so glad i did not sub yarns for fifi. this pattern is quite pretty and it's going fast too! fast and pretty and soft who could ask for anything more?

Fifi Question for Kristeen

When I said I had separated the sleeves on Fifi, I really meant I had put it on waste yarn - so...I have the same question as Michelle posted earlier. I still am not entirely sure I understand the answer. Is the "first marker" that's referred to the same as the "beginning of the round marker"?

From my reading of the pattern, it seems NOT to be the same, because it says "keeping beginning marker in place" K to the first marker. Is the beginning marker (round marker) not counted as the first marker? I think that's what we need to clarify here.

Thanks!! I'd love to start working on this again!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fifi or RCC??/

So I had to frog the Fifi after screwing up the cable row. I've recast it on, but after getting the Hana Silk in the mail, I'm wondering if I shouldn't try the RCC instead. Maybe I'm just giving up too easily, though. I really love the Fifi pattern. ARGH. How sad is this that I'm posting here b/c I can't decide what to make...
any opinions on which is more difficult would be appreciated. Thanks.

Got my yarn for RCC!

The yarn I ordered for the Red Carpet Convertible finally arrived! This is the first time I have ordered yarn that I've never seen or felt in a yarn store. I decided to try Noro Hana Silk. It did not disappoint! It is a gorgeous intense red and the ribbon has the delicious crunch of pure silk!

Once I finish Fifi, I'll swatch RCC. Meanwhile, I'm anxious to see the progress of others who have decided to knit this!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I didn't expect FiFi to be such a quick knit so I was pleasantly surprised to finish so fast.

Most of the details are on my blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hi everyone!

I'm getting a late start on all of this. I've been tempted, but haven't started just yet. I've got some ribbon yarn in my stash, and I think I'm going to cast on for the Red Carpet Convertible soon. I want to use Calmer for Fifi, so I'd better go out and buy some!! I've been tempted by inexpensive deals on discontinued colors, but I like many of the other ones better. So, I think I'm going to just splurge and get whatever color I want. We'll see what I decide on later. I hope I have time to finish both! I'm a slow knitter and have a bunch of other UFOs laying around... but I really want to make both! I missed out on the last KAL, so I am excited to join in on this one. Good luck to everyone else!

Separating the sleeves from the body question

OK so I'm ready to separate the sleeves from the body of Fifi. I've read the directions about 50 times and I'm confused. Is the beginning of the round marker the first marker? So do I knit from there to the 2nd marker THEN put THOSE stitches on waste yarn? And cast on then knit across to the next marker( 3rd) knit across to the 4th put those on waste yarn and cast on then knit across the back to the beginning? Am I thinking this correctly? The smaller sections are supposed to be the sleeves? Kristeen can you or someone please clear this up for me?


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flagrant ribbon abuse!

Finally got started on Fifi a few days ago. So far I am really liking the pattern - very easy to follow. Nothing is going wrong which is making me slightly suspicious...


You can see the first of my ribbon mods there. That's the easy one; I just replaced one of the knit rows with an eyelet row and threaded a ribbon through. The second mod will be on the sleeves and a little more complicated.

I really like the look of black trim on pale peach or pink (and vice versa), hence the ribbon additions. Well that and I just can't resist screwing with the pattern.

I have cabled without a cable needle before and always found it a bit fiddly (though not as fiddly as with a needle), but I'm finding that with Calmer it's not fiddly at all. Maybe the stretchiness helps. Oh, Calmer, how I adore you. Why must you be so pricey? The universe is so cruel.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Semi-newbie knitter here! I just started knitting this January. I've knitted scarves, hats, a Clapotis and 2.5 socks so far, but never a garment. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what size to knit the Fifi. Just under my bust measures 38" and the fullest part of my bust measures 44". I wear a large C cup. What do you suggest? I don't think I can do bust darts just now.
A belated bonjour! I joined this KAL a wee while ago, but it's taken me some time to post.
I too have succumbed to the call of the calmer!
After spending much time playing around with possible substitutions from my stash, I found calmer on special in the uk at - all the excuse I needed ;)
I'm very excited about joining this KAL - I've been lurking a bit and have found you all to be so inspirational...I can't wait for my yarn to arrive!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fifi Progress

Just thought I'd drop a note to let everyone know how I'm doing. I FINALLY got Fifi cast on. I've discovered two things in this process:
  1. I'm not terribly fond of the cable cast on. It's rather a pain in the butt to accomplish, but it does, I'll admit, make a nice edge. I prefer the knitted cast on, given the choice.
  2. I can't seem to make this pattern work on the 24" needles for some reason. I had to move down to the 17" needles to make the stitches move comfortably around, without feeling like everything was too stretched out. Will this pattern get more "stretch" to it as I get away from the edge and allow me to move it to the 24" needles, or is it okay for me to stick with the 17's if that works best for me.
Thanks for all the help and sorry for all the questions. I really want to get this right.

Friday, July 06, 2007

OK so I ripped

OK I frogged Fifi back to round 4. The good thing about Calmer is that it doesn't unravel easily, so after I ripped I easily (relatively) picked back up the 140 stitches replaced my stitch markers and and now on round 8 the first cable round. So tradgey (not really) averted. I need to just keep track of my increases this time and hopefully all will go smoothy! Thanks Kristeen and Cyn for giving me the omph to rip!!!

Gauge is driving me crazy...

Here I am with another gauge this rate, I'll never get this thing cast on. :)

I re-swatched flat (again) with the size 8's instead of the size 7's and my stitch gauge was dead on. The row gauge is closer (34 rows = 4") but still off by quite a bit. Rather than go down again and end up with less stitches per inch than necessary, I think I'm going to just say good enough and start casting on with the size 8's. Now I just have to decide which size to cast on. I've seen a lot of debate about sizes to C.O. My bust is 38" so it seems that I should go with the 37.5 but I'm not sure if that's enough negative ease. It seems like the small size (33.5) might be too much negative ease. I told you guys that this is my very first garment; I have no clue what I'm doing. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Fifi progress

So I started Fifi, joined the body and separated the sleeves for the size Small. I was disappointed in that the neckline was too close.

Kristeen made some suggestions and I ended up frogging about 25 rows and making the size XS. The neckline is better, but in both sizes, the armholes are close under the arm. They stretch but pull back up. I'm not sure that I can do anything about that. I joined the body as for size XS but cast on some extra stitches--7 instead of 2 to keep the pattern intact. The sleeves are definitely shorter so I'm thinking that I will knit at least one 7 row pattern repeat on the sleeves and try on before deciding on the finished length. Here is the revised version. There's not much difference in the neckline, but it is better.

I'll be really surprised if I use 5 skeins of this yarn. I'm just a little into the 2nd skein at this point!

Separated the Sleeves!

Here's my Fifi - I just separated the sleeves. I am soooo glad I restarted it and I love the way it looks.

7607 004

I tried it on (sorry, no pic) and it fits absolutely perfectly in the upper body and sleeves - however, it has about 2" more to go to reach the "apex" of my chest. Does that mean I should go up a size to S (from XS)? I see by looking at the pattern that it would be very easy to switch to S now b/c they're the same up to this point. I am worried about it being too big if I do that, as my actual measurement is 33.5" and that would be zero ease instead of negative ease.

Kristeen - any thoughts?

OH Yeah!

On a happy note I finished Rusted Root and I am thrilled with it! Weird, my sleeves actually poofed, unlike most of the otherse I've seen. Please excuse hubby's photography least I got him off the recliner to take the pict. I wish it was a bit cooler so I can wear it!

More details on my blog.

Missing increases

OK so I sort of swatched, and was off a little but since the yarn is so stretchy I decided to go with it....That is not my problem. I am up to row 13, after a big screw up on row 8 the first cable row....tinked back and redid it,but something seemed off on row 11 and then I counted..I am 4 stitiches off, so I must have missed some increases! ARGH!!! So should run a life line somewhere and try to fix it...or rip it all out or can I fudge it? I really don't want to rip it all out!!! Any thoughts?

RCC Confusion

I'm up to the bust shaping and I just don't understand it. I worked rw2 of Chart A to the first marker and worked rw of Chart B across the next 8 sts. Everything after that is mind boggling to me. Can anyone explain?
Did any one notice that the chart naming in the 2 paragraphs above " Start Bust Shaping" is not quite right? (At least I don't think it is) If it is correct, please someone tell me. Thanks.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Swatch Question

I'm so far behind where I want to be...ARGH!! I finished swatching last night. I was lazy, I admit it, and I swatched flat rather than in the round. I figured (in my laziness) that since it was ribbing rather than stockinette, I didn't have to worry about the difference in gauge b/c of the knitting v. purling since it would be the same either way. The stitch count was a little off 24 sts per 4" but the row count was WAY off: 38 rows per 4". So of course I immediately CO on the circular needles. I had to cast on so many stitches to get it to work that I wondered why I wasn't just guessing at it and starting. Of course I didn't...good little knitter...LOL.

So I'm asking you guys for help now. Is that number that seems WAY off b/c I needed to swatch on circs. or do I just need to try a different sized needle? Anyone? I'm feeling kind of like an idiot b/c I can't figure this out on my own, but I know you guys won't treat me that way. Thanks in advance...:)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Possible Fifi Yarn Subs?

I'm thinking about using Elann Esprit or Cascade Fixation as an affordable alternative to Calmer for Fifi. The (stretched) yardage (186 yards) is nearly identical to the Rowan Calmer yardage (175) per 50 gram ball and the gauge is 24/25 stitches per 4" on size 7 needles which is about one stitch per inch off, but knitting up a size or two might accommodate for this difference. For those of you who don't know, Elann Esprit is almost identical to Cascade Fixation (for about half the price) which is frequently used to knit super stretchy socks but is considered a sport weight yarn. Check out this close-up of a sweater pattern made with the Esprit (on size 7 needles) on Elann's site. The fiber content of Esprit is 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic and it's very soft when knit up.

I knit up a swatch of the Esprit (getting 24 stitches per 4" on size 7 needles) because I was concerned about whether or not one would be able to see through the stitches when stretched (as this sweater is designed to do across the bust) and sure enough, when pulled slightly, you can see right through the stitches (hey, we're "sexy knitters" not "sleezy knitters"). Of course, I've noticed the Calmer doing this to some degree as well. You might be able to accommodate for the "see-through-ness" by (A) wearing a camisole the same color as your sweater, or (B) going down a needle size or two, but this would then put your gauge off by even more. On the other hand, this is a top down sweater that can be knit until you get the right size, so it might work as long as you're willing to work on the smaller needles. Kristeen would have to help us out on this one.

I then knit up a swatch of Cascade Fixation on size 7 needles and actually got 20 stitches per 4" which is the same as Calmer. I'm not sure why (when all the yarn weights and yardages are exactly the same on the labels) but the Cascade does appear to be slightly thicker than the Esprit.

When stretched, the Cascade also was somewhat see-through, but I'm really wondering if just about any yarn will do this to some degree unless knit on much smaller (than called for) needles.

Knitting with Esprit and/or Fixation is a little tricky due to the stretchiness, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. Once again, I've heard the same things about Calmer. I tend to put just enough tension to pull about half the stretchiness out of it and this seems to give me good results. I figure I'm probably getting about 140 - 150 yards per skein by pulling some of the stretchiness (but not all) out of the yarn as I knit. Going with this assumption, one or two extra skeins of this yarn should make up for the yardage difference between the Fixation/Esprit and the Calmer.

The color selection for both the Esprit and the Fixation solids is fantastic and for $2.75 (for the Esprit) to $4.60 (for the Fixation) per ball, it might be worth trying as an alternative for Calmer.

Just a thought ;-)

Are you kidding me!?!

I've been dancing around buying Calmer for weeks now because it is a bit spendy for me. Finally I purchase Tangerine from Richesse yesterday and see it on sale at CucumberPatch on Ebay today for $3.99. Uuughh. Oh well, I'm sure I'll still like it once I get it here. I'll just always remember that my $60 sweater could have been a $30 sweater.

There are 8 skeins left if you like Tangerine.


Okay. after reading all the hoopla over Calmer, I broke down and ordered some for FiFi. Being the cheap gal I am, I went with tangerine since it was on major sale. That was important to me because I ordered some extra to add length to the top. I do like the color and think it will look nice and summery. I had originally planned to use some yarn from my stash (BS Cotton Fleece in Provincial Rose) but knew in my heart I really wanted to try out the Calmer. Of course, it helped to hear all of you rave about it!! Now, I have to see if I have anything in the stash for the RCC top. I'm thinking I want to go with a more casual yarn since that suits my lifestyle. I made the SKB in Tilli Tomas and have only worn it twice! Cringe! I love it but two little boys and 100% silk don't exactly get on too well. Maybe a bamboo tape yarn? I'd love to try the one by Tahki. Here's to hoping my yarn gets here quickly! Alicia

sahara is done!

i love this pattern and this phoenix soysilk is a successful yarn sub! love the whole package! love sahara! see more details on my blog i gotta run to work now! i got calmer in the mail all the way tfrom the uk and i'm ready to start fifi. the calmer is living up to it's reputation so far anyway!

Monday, July 02, 2007

So, like, how important is gauge, anyway??

Just kidding...sort of. :) I started swatching for Fifi tonight (my yarn came today, yay!! Calmer in chiffon), and I cannot get gauge to save my life. I'm at about 6 to 6.5 spi on 7s, and a little over 5 spi on 8s. I'm afraid if I knit on 8s, the fabric will end up too loose. I like the look of the fabric from the 7s better, too. I'm thinking of casting on using size 7s, seeing how it goes, then maybe switching to 8s a few rows in if I need to.... Any thoughts/words of wisdom?

I'm thinking I like the yarn. It took me a while to get used to it - it is really super stretchy. I'm anticipating troubles with my tension as I go. Hopefully I'll work it all out.

And so I don't double post - any opinions on this as a sub for the RCC? I'm not positive I'll even get to it, I'm like the world's slowest knitter and it looks way advanced for me, but I donated and downloaded the pattern, and am thinking about subs that won't eat into our grocery budget. I'll knit it corset length, if I do knit it, so I'm not super worried about weight.

That did the trick!

I took Kristeen's suggestion to fix my neckline on Fifi. I had knit it to size small because my gauge was off, but Kristeen had suggested that I pin the arms together at the point where the body would be joined for the XS and try it on. I used fairly large safety pins and did this and the neckline was perfect! I think I will frog back to that point which makes me very nervous because--believe it or not--I have never had to frog more than one row and this is about 25 rows! Any suggestions or should I just pull the yarn and let 'er rip, so to speak? I figure that I can do that until I'm about 2 rows away from where I need to be then I'll have to put 'er on the needles and frog stitch by stitch! I almost don't want to do it, because the sweater fits either way, but the neckline will look so much better if I do! I'm going to cast on a few extra stitches under the arm. The stitch pattern is such that I would only need to CO 2 to make the pattern be constant, so I think I will actually CO 7 to accommodate another repeat of the 5 stitch pattern on each side. Here's hoping it all works out!

Joy in a package

I am so happy that Fifi has been chosen for the next KAL. All the finished Fifis I have seen look amazing. I got some Calmer on sale at Richesse in beautiful color called Joy, which I think has been discontinued. The yarn arrived incredibly fast and I love it. I have never used Calmer before so I am thrilled.

Quick Question on Fifi

Is the first section (from the beginning of the round) the front or the back? I ask because I messed up in the first section on a few rows, following the pattern instructions too literally (repeating the K2 at the beginning of the round, etc.) but then figured it out after completing the first section. This happened on a few rounds.

Here's one of the good sections:
last section

And the not-so-good one:
first section

I'm on Round 15 and was hoping I didn't have to rip it out. If it's not really noticeable and/or under my hair in the back/shoulders, I won't rip. If it's in the front, I will.

Am I the only one who had trouble with cabling without a cable needle, too? I was able to get the equivalent of a right twist but not the left one in the pattern, the few times I tried it, then I just gave up and went with the cable needle as the cable rounds are not that frequent.

Fifi progress

Here is my Fifi so far. Sorry about the photo quality!

It is knit in Calmer --color is Refresh--on size 7 Knitpicks Options needles. My gauge is coming out small--between 6 -7 stitches per inch as opposed to the 5 spi called for in the pattern and which I swatched. I ended up knitting the size Small as directed in the pattern. It seems to fit well but I wish the neckline were wider. If I make this pattern again, I will begin with the 140 cast on. I cannot believe how stretchy this yarn is! The body seems to measure about 30 inches around and it stretches a lot when putting it on! I will keep the sleeves short but I think I will have to do another inch or so on them as they are too short in the current condition.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Red Carpet possible substitution

Now that I'm getting ready to start Fifi, I'm thinking about buying the yarn for Red Carpet as well. I'm just full of knitterly confidence tonight...LOL. I finally found Playful Weekend online and it's so expensive. I checked Annie's site to see if she was selling it yet, but it's not there, and even at her price, I'm not sure if I can do $20 a skein right now.
I'm wondering if you guys think that Rowan's Bamboo Tape would work as a good substitute. Otherwise, i guess I'll just spend the money for either the Playful weekend, or Artyarns Silk Ribbon or Regal Silk.
I'm also wondering how many, if any, are planning to make the dress as opposed to just the corset top. I'm going to make the corset top first and then if I like it and the fit, I'll go back and also do the dress.

Goodnight all.

Fifi Completed!

Bonjour mes amis--Fifi est fini! I'm very pleased with how this sweater turned out and am likely to knit another one (in a different yarn with 3/4 length sleeves). This one took 3 and 1/2 balls of Calmer (in Refresh) which surprised me since my gauge was tighter than recommended in the pattern (25 st/4 in in the p1k4 rib rather than 20 st/4 in). I rec that anyone on the fence about buying another ball just in case consider refraining--Calmer is stretchy stuff.
Specs: 3 and 1/2 balls Calmer with a size 6 needle yielded a 30" bust (unstretched with no short rows) and length that was 12" from the underarm.
Modifications: I like a wider neckline than usual to accommodate my broad shoulders (nope--those are *not* shoulder pads under the sweater! I just come from a long line of folks shaped like linebackers, lol!). To achieve this, I cast on the 140 stitches (this wouldn't make the neck *too* big for me since my gauge was tighter) as for the medium size, but stopped after round 43 to try on (as for the XS) and decided to separate the sleeves at that point.
I have a long torso, too, so I just kept on knitting until the lower bodice was just the right length. Ya gotta love the top-down method for that! And practically no finishing at all!

I did find the pattern difficult to follow at times--a chart would've been much easier for me, but overall, I really like the sweater and am sure that I'll wear it a lot!