Thursday, July 05, 2007

Swatch Question

I'm so far behind where I want to be...ARGH!! I finished swatching last night. I was lazy, I admit it, and I swatched flat rather than in the round. I figured (in my laziness) that since it was ribbing rather than stockinette, I didn't have to worry about the difference in gauge b/c of the knitting v. purling since it would be the same either way. The stitch count was a little off 24 sts per 4" but the row count was WAY off: 38 rows per 4". So of course I immediately CO on the circular needles. I had to cast on so many stitches to get it to work that I wondered why I wasn't just guessing at it and starting. Of course I didn't...good little knitter...LOL.

So I'm asking you guys for help now. Is that number that seems WAY off b/c I needed to swatch on circs. or do I just need to try a different sized needle? Anyone? I'm feeling kind of like an idiot b/c I can't figure this out on my own, but I know you guys won't treat me that way. Thanks in advance...:)

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Robin said...

I didn't swatch on circs for the same reason (as it's ribbing the knits and purls will balance out) and mine seems to be the same as my swatch was - maybe a teeny bit looser in gauge on the actual garment.