Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fifi - Le Progress

Okay, so after several stops and starts and a frogging from the arm separation all the way back to casting on again, I'm finally at the bodice. I'm using Paton's Katrina so the cables aren't so easy to see in the photo but in person it's much better. Katrina is very stretchy since it has some elastic in it. I am knitting the medium and CO 120 at first but it was too small. So I frogged it and CO 140. I think it's better. My gauge is off in the width and the length so I had to add a few rows before the bodice. I am following the the pattern and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I'm doing the bodice pattern correctly. I can't imagine having to frog it again!

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Aurelie said...

It looks beautiful. Love the color. I've been frogging a lot in my new little knitting world. I hope to do Fifi with a clear mind. The problem is I get excited and knit way later into the night than I should, and then I notice the next morning.