Monday, July 02, 2007

Quick Question on Fifi

Is the first section (from the beginning of the round) the front or the back? I ask because I messed up in the first section on a few rows, following the pattern instructions too literally (repeating the K2 at the beginning of the round, etc.) but then figured it out after completing the first section. This happened on a few rounds.

Here's one of the good sections:
last section

And the not-so-good one:
first section

I'm on Round 15 and was hoping I didn't have to rip it out. If it's not really noticeable and/or under my hair in the back/shoulders, I won't rip. If it's in the front, I will.

Am I the only one who had trouble with cabling without a cable needle, too? I was able to get the equivalent of a right twist but not the left one in the pattern, the few times I tried it, then I just gave up and went with the cable needle as the cable rounds are not that frequent.


Aurelie said...

I'm so happy to see your Fifi. I just ordered the Tangerine color and I think yours is beautiful. Are you loving the color in person?

french girl said...

bonjour robin...
that tangerine looks amazing!
now...your question, for myself, i usually like to keep the back section as the one that falls at the end of the rd--so the first 2 sections i would work would be the right sleeve and the front section--
that being said--there is no technical front or back on this pattern UNLESS you are making short rows--then you will want to designate one of the larger sections as the front and mark with a safety pin just to keep track--

sometimes it is best to keep the join (end of rd) at the back because the neckline can show a tiny little wonkiness where you have joined (but not necessarily so)

also...if it were me (and it has been me, many, many times) & --if the mistake is small and i am not too far along after the mistake--i would "tink" back to the offending rows and reknit them without having to rip out the whole thing--calmer is a good candidate for this since it hides a multitude of sins and will regain its nice look with some simple tugging and adjusting after you have performed "surgery" ...i say be brave and go for it...if anyone knows of any visual tutorials for "tinking" that would be cool...bonne chance, kristeen

robin said...

Thanks, Kristeen - I am going to do just that. I'm (unfortunately) quite familiar with the art of's going to bug me if I don't do it.

Also, thanks on the color, Aurelie and Kristeen -I am loving that!

Michelle said...

I love the color! It will be soo pretty on you!. I think you will be happy with fixing not it would bug you forever!

robin said...

Yay, I restarted it last night (from the beginning, as I only had 15 rounds done) and I am already on Round 8. I'm so glad I started over instead of living with it as is. I love working with Calmer, so I'm having a good time with this now that I understand the pattern better!