Friday, July 06, 2007

Missing increases

OK so I sort of swatched, and was off a little but since the yarn is so stretchy I decided to go with it....That is not my problem. I am up to row 13, after a big screw up on row 8 the first cable row....tinked back and redid it,but something seemed off on row 11 and then I counted..I am 4 stitiches off, so I must have missed some increases! ARGH!!! So should run a life line somewhere and try to fix it...or rip it all out or can I fudge it? I really don't want to rip it all out!!! Any thoughts?


Cyn said...

If it was me, I would rip. You're still pretty close to the beginning, and if you try to fudge it, it might look off later on, and bug you, and by then it'll be way more ripping to fix it... but I am kind of an obsessive perfectionist. *shifty eyes*

The other thing is that it sounds like you don't know where you missed the increases, and it's usually a huge headache to fix a mistake when you're not exactly sure what the mistake is. Although - if you do rip, try to spot the error before ripping so that you can be extra careful in that spot the second time around!

Michelle said...

I suppose I should just rip out tonight and restart tomorrow!

french girl said...

lovelies....starting fresh is always better--and i say this remembering the horrified look on my husband's face when i first started designing and had just about completed a garment, tried it on and immediately began unraveling most of it right in front of him (he enjoyed the show!)--if it is a tiny mistake and i can tink then i will, but anything larger and it will always feel wrong if i don't fix it, bonne courage, xo, kristeen