Monday, July 16, 2007

I feel like Goldilocks.

I'm having some sizing issues with Fifi and am not quite sure how to get to "just right." For bust size, I need knit the medium, which will give me 4 inches of negative ease. However, the neckline for the medium is a 140 cast on and will put Fifi off my shoulders, which I don't want. I am uncertain whether to cast on and follow the directions for the small, upsizing it to get to medium, or to cast on and follow the directions for the large while downsizing it to get to medium. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you deal with it?



Kozy Kitty said...

I doubt that the 140 cast on will put Fifi off of your shoulders. The 120 cast on gives you a fairly close fitting neckline. I went with the XS which was probably about 6 inches of negative ease. If you are using Calmer, it stretches like crazy. I cast on extra stitches under the arm. I would suggest starting the small and just try it on when you get to the point where the body gets separated. You can always knit more rows before connecting the front to the back if it doesn't fit.

Chrispy said...

I personally have had lots of difficulty also. I am size M which gives me 2 inch negative ease, but normally knit a small because I prefer 6-7 in of negative ease. I cast on 3 times and knit to round 25 each time. I finally have it on the third try. I cast on 120 (I probably would have been happier with 140 - I might yet frog the entire thing and cast on 140 but I am a little perfectionistic about my fit) knit to the try size S and M on. The arms were perfect but the body did not fit around my rather ample bust. So I knit the increase rows for the L - XL on the body only. This came out perfect so far. I came up with 190 st for the body plus 75 st for each arm making a total of 340, which is a little closer to the L size st count but I got 37.7 in for my body.

jsins said...

Thanks! I think my gauge is off. It was o.k. on the swatch but I'm not used to knitting with anything as stretchy as Calmer and it may be off. If so, I'll have to rip it and start over.