Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Okay. after reading all the hoopla over Calmer, I broke down and ordered some for FiFi. Being the cheap gal I am, I went with tangerine since it was on major sale. That was important to me because I ordered some extra to add length to the top. I do like the color and think it will look nice and summery. I had originally planned to use some yarn from my stash (BS Cotton Fleece in Provincial Rose) but knew in my heart I really wanted to try out the Calmer. Of course, it helped to hear all of you rave about it!! Now, I have to see if I have anything in the stash for the RCC top. I'm thinking I want to go with a more casual yarn since that suits my lifestyle. I made the SKB in Tilli Tomas and have only worn it twice! Cringe! I love it but two little boys and 100% silk don't exactly get on too well. Maybe a bamboo tape yarn? I'd love to try the one by Tahki. Here's to hoping my yarn gets here quickly! Alicia


Aurelie said...

Well, I just ordered the tangerine from Richesse yesterday to find it on sale on EBAY through cucumber patch today for 3.99 a skein. I'm sick over it. Oh well. Hopefully somebody else gets lucky.

knitncycle said...

Oh I know how that feels! I can't tell you how many times I've bought something only to find it on sale later or for a better price somewhere else!