Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flagrant ribbon abuse!

Finally got started on Fifi a few days ago. So far I am really liking the pattern - very easy to follow. Nothing is going wrong which is making me slightly suspicious...


You can see the first of my ribbon mods there. That's the easy one; I just replaced one of the knit rows with an eyelet row and threaded a ribbon through. The second mod will be on the sleeves and a little more complicated.

I really like the look of black trim on pale peach or pink (and vice versa), hence the ribbon additions. Well that and I just can't resist screwing with the pattern.

I have cabled without a cable needle before and always found it a bit fiddly (though not as fiddly as with a needle), but I'm finding that with Calmer it's not fiddly at all. Maybe the stretchiness helps. Oh, Calmer, how I adore you. Why must you be so pricey? The universe is so cruel.

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mary_me_a_little said...

I *love* your mods, Cyn! I'll have to try something ike that on another pattern. Maybe with a crocheted chain of a different yarn. Hmmmmm