Monday, July 16, 2007

Short row questions


So I have come to the portion of the pattern that states that if you are a C cup or larger to add short rows. I range from a D to DDD cup depending on my body's mood, currently it is a D/DD. I understand how and where to add them. What I don't understand is how many sets of short rows I am to do? Are there visual clues that lead me to know when enough is enough?

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ChiaLea said...

Perhaps my short-row tutorial would be useful?

You'll have to turn the short-row shape upside down since you're going top-down (start at the bustline and work down), but otherwise it's just the same.

Chrispy said...

That short row method works, but that is not the method described in the pattern. I could do that method, but I would like to understand this one. They have you do short rows on the sides from the side seam to the bust apex. I can't find any information anywhere.