Friday, July 20, 2007

Broke down

Hi guys!
I missed the last KAL, but I've cast on for Fifi and I have to admit...I love this knit!
I'm going to add length to the body and sleeves and I will also need to do the additional bust shaping. Has anyone done this yet??? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.


Chantel said...

It looks great. Looking at your staggered cables made me realize that I made a mistake on mine! Yours looks much better. I am not sure if I want to frog mine back that far. Great Job

Susan said...

Hey Chantel,
Thanks, but don't frog your Fifi!!!
If you look at completed Fifi's the cables don't look like mine, so yours is probably correct.
Thanks again,

Yarn It said...

I did bust shaping. I did six short row wraps on each side. I don't really have any advice but have to warn you that your patterned panels will most likely end up on different rows. My front and back patterned panels are each on different rows now and there is no getting around it. It is just a pain to keep track of them separately.

Bad Amy said...

I'm no help on the bust-shaping. But I love your color choice! Lovely!

Penny said...

I love how open your neckline is! What size are you making? How many stitches did you cast on for?

Susan said...

Thanks ladies!
Hey yarn it, do you think I would be alright if I just skipped the bust shaping??? Calmer is so stretchy and I suck at math ;)
bad amy You are an enabler!
That is a fantastic price for Calmer. Thanks for posting the link.
And Penny I'm knitting the 37.5 size.

Jess said...

You knit at lightning speed. LIGHTNING.
I love the color of your fifi. (that sounded slightly off.)