Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am on my way, Fifi!!

I was at Charlotte Yarn today working on the plans for an intro to lace class and manage to find the only copy of FiFi they had on hand. It was in the French Girls Notebook that has all the patterns in it. Remi was sweet enough to let me pick it up and she is going to order a replacement or 6 since I told her it was on the KAL this go round.

Now, I am not allowed to START this one until I finish my Tomato from No Sheep for You. Good thing all I have left is the neckline!!! I just finished sleeve 2 of it and am weaving in the last of the tails (I hate to weave ends in so I try to do it as I go and I wasn't so good at that this time. BUT - I have 2 more and then I will pick up the neck and finish it on Sunday. Then I will move on to FiFi!!!

The RCC pattern should be on the way since I asked for the printed version. Not sure if I will get to it to with everything else, but I am going to make an effort.

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