Friday, July 06, 2007

Separated the Sleeves!

Here's my Fifi - I just separated the sleeves. I am soooo glad I restarted it and I love the way it looks.

7607 004

I tried it on (sorry, no pic) and it fits absolutely perfectly in the upper body and sleeves - however, it has about 2" more to go to reach the "apex" of my chest. Does that mean I should go up a size to S (from XS)? I see by looking at the pattern that it would be very easy to switch to S now b/c they're the same up to this point. I am worried about it being too big if I do that, as my actual measurement is 33.5" and that would be zero ease instead of negative ease.

Kristeen - any thoughts?


Kozy Kitty said...

I would keep the XS. I made the mistake of doing the small because my gauge was off and I was afraid the XS would be too tight. I measure 34. I made the small, separated the sleeves and tried it on. The neckline didn't pull down enough so I frogged back to the XS row 43 where you separate the sleeves and continued in that size. It fits great. I did add some extra CO stitches under the arm. To keep the pattern constant, according to the pattern --I would have CO 2, but I CO 7 instead. This yarn is unbelievably stretchy.

robin said...

Thanks for the advice - that is very helpful. I was thinking that the XS might be right as it fits so well so far and now I feel like your experience confirms my gut feeling.

french girl said...

bonjour lovelies...looks fab! and kozy is so right...smalller is better with calmer...make your adjustments at the bust and keep your armhole region tighter than you think (as i rec'd earlier with kozy's) and you should be happy it is fitting well! xo, kristeen