Friday, July 06, 2007

RCC Confusion

I'm up to the bust shaping and I just don't understand it. I worked rw2 of Chart A to the first marker and worked rw of Chart B across the next 8 sts. Everything after that is mind boggling to me. Can anyone explain?
Did any one notice that the chart naming in the 2 paragraphs above " Start Bust Shaping" is not quite right? (At least I don't think it is) If it is correct, please someone tell me. Thanks.



mary_me_a_little said...

On my download, that part is highlighted, so I'm guessing that Annie has edited it. Check again---I just finished that part, & the chart letters (B, C, D, etc....) lined up.

Jeanie said...

Have you tried contact Annie directly? I know she's got a lot going on right now, but she's usually pretty good about pattern support.

Please keep us posted!

Jenny said...

Hi Jeanie,
Yup, I contacted her and she responded to me, alot faster than I thought she might. Intially I felt like I shouldn't bother her with my problem since she's got alot on her plate right now. She did though and I understand the pattern much more now. I know she's made some clarifications to the section I was confused about and they're on the RCC website.
She's amazing. :)