Friday, July 06, 2007

Fifi progress

So I started Fifi, joined the body and separated the sleeves for the size Small. I was disappointed in that the neckline was too close.

Kristeen made some suggestions and I ended up frogging about 25 rows and making the size XS. The neckline is better, but in both sizes, the armholes are close under the arm. They stretch but pull back up. I'm not sure that I can do anything about that. I joined the body as for size XS but cast on some extra stitches--7 instead of 2 to keep the pattern intact. The sleeves are definitely shorter so I'm thinking that I will knit at least one 7 row pattern repeat on the sleeves and try on before deciding on the finished length. Here is the revised version. There's not much difference in the neckline, but it is better.

I'll be really surprised if I use 5 skeins of this yarn. I'm just a little into the 2nd skein at this point!

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robin said...

Looks great!! I agree on the yarn - I don't see how it will be 5 skeins either!