Friday, July 06, 2007

OK so I ripped

OK I frogged Fifi back to round 4. The good thing about Calmer is that it doesn't unravel easily, so after I ripped I easily (relatively) picked back up the 140 stitches replaced my stitch markers and and now on round 8 the first cable round. So tradgey (not really) averted. I need to just keep track of my increases this time and hopefully all will go smoothy! Thanks Kristeen and Cyn for giving me the omph to rip!!!

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Cyn said...

w00t! Froggy power!

I finally started my Fifi tonight and after your other post, I have been obsessively checking my increase rounds to make sure I don't skip any as well - because I totally would. So easy to get distrac- OOH LOOK A SHINY OBJECT WEEEEE