Monday, July 02, 2007

That did the trick!

I took Kristeen's suggestion to fix my neckline on Fifi. I had knit it to size small because my gauge was off, but Kristeen had suggested that I pin the arms together at the point where the body would be joined for the XS and try it on. I used fairly large safety pins and did this and the neckline was perfect! I think I will frog back to that point which makes me very nervous because--believe it or not--I have never had to frog more than one row and this is about 25 rows! Any suggestions or should I just pull the yarn and let 'er rip, so to speak? I figure that I can do that until I'm about 2 rows away from where I need to be then I'll have to put 'er on the needles and frog stitch by stitch! I almost don't want to do it, because the sweater fits either way, but the neckline will look so much better if I do! I'm going to cast on a few extra stitches under the arm. The stitch pattern is such that I would only need to CO 2 to make the pattern be constant, so I think I will actually CO 7 to accommodate another repeat of the 5 stitch pattern on each side. Here's hoping it all works out!


norichan said...

Oh my gosh! Use a "lifeline." That's a smooth yarn in a contrasting color that's thin enough to not affect gauge that you use to hold the row you want to frog back to. So, you have to string the lifeline thru all your stitches on the row you want to frog back to, that way you won't pull too far back, and the stitches will be easier to pick back up onto the needles. No worries of ladders!

Hattie said...

Yeah that's what I do too. I take a needle and thread it with waste yarn and thread it through the row I would frog to. Just start at the beginning of a round and thread the needle through picking up the right side of every stitch in that row. I know this has saved me so many times.