Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fifi Progress

Just thought I'd drop a note to let everyone know how I'm doing. I FINALLY got Fifi cast on. I've discovered two things in this process:
  1. I'm not terribly fond of the cable cast on. It's rather a pain in the butt to accomplish, but it does, I'll admit, make a nice edge. I prefer the knitted cast on, given the choice.
  2. I can't seem to make this pattern work on the 24" needles for some reason. I had to move down to the 17" needles to make the stitches move comfortably around, without feeling like everything was too stretched out. Will this pattern get more "stretch" to it as I get away from the edge and allow me to move it to the 24" needles, or is it okay for me to stick with the 17's if that works best for me.
Thanks for all the help and sorry for all the questions. I really want to get this right.


Michelle said...

OH Shannon I had the same problem with my 24s at first. I thought about switching to shorter needles too. Once you do a few increases you will be able to switch back to the 24s. If you stay on 17's you might get to scrunchy with too many stitches on the needles. But I'd stay with the 17s if that is what your more comfortable with till you have a few increases, then just switich to the 24s. Does that make sense?

Cyn said...

Go with whatever needles are comfortable. As you knit the top bit, it gets bigger and bigger, so you will probably want to switch to the 24s eventually. But don't worry, you can switch needle lengths at whim, anytime, and nothing bad will happen, all that matters is that the actual needles are the same size.

Cable cast on is sloooow! I've done it before, so I already knew how to do it and was comfortable with it, and it still took forever.