Tuesday, February 28, 2006


FYI -- If we decide to knit Diamondique by Saunielle of , she has offered to help us with whateverhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif problems we encounter.

New Nomination

Ok, I actually have two patterns that I really love, and that I think are super sexy! The first is Lelah and the second is Cold Shoulder.

KAL Update

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've posted about what's going on and what's coming up, so I thought it was high time I do so. As a reminder, if you've participated (or are still participating) in the Picovoli KAL, please send me an email letting me know that you've done so with a link to pics of your progress so that you can be entered into the prize drawing (to be held at the end of February). Don't worry if you're not done with your Picovoli or even if you won't be completely finished by the end of February, you can still be entered into the drawing just so long as you got close to finishing your Pico and knit along with us during January and February. Please be sure to put "Picovoli KAL" in the subject of your email to me to help my inbox stay organized.

As far as what's coming up, we will start taking nominations for the next KAL on March 1st and will take nominations for 2 weeks. I'll post directions on how to nominate patterns towards the end of February. In mid march, we'll vote for the pattern we like best and the winner will be announced the third week of March. My goal is to have the next KAL start at the beginning of April, although that only leaves a week for people to get their yarn and supplies together so we may put it off until the middle of April (right after tax day). What do y'all think? I need your input as far as when you'd like to start the next KAL... I was thinking mid April would be good because that gives us all some time to wrap up loose ends and finish some other projects in between KAL's, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kathy for all the pattern support she's offered to us via individual emails and by checking in on the KAL and posting answers to questions here. Kathy, your patterns rock and we look forward to more patterns (sexy or not) from you!

We currently have over 175 members (woohoo!) and are steadily adding new members (at about 3 new members per day)! To our new members, WELCOME, and please be sure to check out our Sexy Knitters Club merchandise as this is how SKC prize money is raised.

And since a post just isn't the same without pics, I'm posting a pic of what I've been working on (and hope to be finishing today). It's Cassie's Tubey (which I think is a pretty sexy little top). I was actually thinking about nominating a spring version (made with shorter elbow length sleeves in a lighter weight yarn such as Knit Picks Shine on size 4 needles) of this top for our next KAL, but it would mean crunching numbers (due to the gauge difference) in time for the beginning of the KAL and with taxes due, I'll be doing good to get those numbers in by mid April... but if anybody's interested in doing this pattern in a spring version, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I also really love Wendy's new Something Red pattern (which I purchased last night) so perhaps I'll nominate that too! Sigh..... so many wonderful patterns, so little time!

Edited to add:

Okay, here's my finished Tubey. More pics of it can be seen here. And I will be casting on for the "spring" version soon, so check my blog for specifics if you want to join me.

A little late...

I just received my Knit Picks order on Friday so I started my Picovoli over the weekend. It is my first knitted shirt but so far so good. The Russian join didn't go so well so I will join the next balls another way.

It's been a great motivation to see all of your completed Picovoli's.
Happy Mardi Gras to all.

New Nomination

I am nominating this little number that I have fallen in love with. The pattern is "Diamonique" from the Jems Collection. I have already purchased the pattern and will knit it no matter what but thought I would post it for nomination as well. The yarn is inexpensive but I am sure we can all find other beautiful subsitutes as well.

Monday, February 27, 2006

New Nomination

On top of this being gorgeous, it's knit in one piece and from the top down:


The only finishing is on the underarms.

- Margie

i need sock advice!

i still have one more sleeve to go on my bolero (i think i'll call it my picolero) and want to make socks. never made them before and i do not understand the directions for two socks on two circs so forget it! i do love knitting sleeves on one long circ tho so i'd like to try socks on one long circ. i'm going to practice on lion magic stripes cause i have it and on double pointed needles cause i have them and use the pattern that goes with the magic stripes. but i have questions. how long of a circ do i need and what size or sizes should i buy, what kind of yarn is the best and what pattern...there are millions. i'd love tried and true pattern suggestions, accompanied by the appropriate needle size and yarn. i wear really simple and comfortable things and socks with a pattern seem like they would be annoying, are they? any body have any ideas before the next kal?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

still here...

and still working on the cropped bolero for my picovoli. i finished the body of it and in my anticipation of finishing i made too few increases so my sleeves are a bit tight but i have adjusted that by using a bigger needle size and i was hoping to finish this weekend but have not yet. there is still time. since i switched needle sizes i was able to use my denise interchangeable needle set, and that's a good thing, because i have decided that i absolutly hate my boye needle master set and after i finish this project or maybe sooner it's going back on ebay where it came from. the cords are not flexible at all and the joins of needle to cord are so horrible and don't let me get started on the joins of cord to cord...i'd rather ski than knit anything with thoses needles again and i'm a girl who likes speed but on wheels not on two pieces of board!!! pics coming soon i hope!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yes! I'm doe and now with pictures

I finished my Picovoli a week ago, but never posted any pictures, so I think I will post some now. :) Only makes sense. The shirt was made with green apple Shine on size 4 needles. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Pattern nomination

Prarie Tunic, Interweave Knits Spring '06.
Pattern here. Scroll down!

another new nomination

I know this was nominated for the first knitalong, but I can't take my eyes off of Annie Modesitt's Lace Corset tank. I know that there are a lot of good yarn substitutions that are inexpensive. I think it also good seasonal timing as this is something that is perfect for summer.

Friday, February 24, 2006

New Nomination

I have been drooling over this pattern for quite some time now... it's so cute and would make a great addition to any spring wardrobe! Here's a link to the directions http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTcandy.html


Hi, I'm new to this club. What better way to start than by nominating designs for the next KAL? Oh, and congratulating all of you who've participated in the last one for such great Picovoli's.

for the nominees:
I could get behind knitting this cardi (free pattern found here)

or the Orangina that Jeannie looks so fabulous in that was put up last time for the KAL too. It would be a great warm weather knit.

UFOlympic Gold for Picovoli!

I signed up for the Unfinished Olympics to give me incentive to finish Picovoli -- and it worked! I used Elann's Luna in Coppered Sienna. I added a couple extra decreases and finished it off with a row of single crochet around the arms and neck and a wider crochet hem. I love it! It fits great, no body shaper needed under it even. Woot! It is very comfy. I made it to wear under a cardigan to work and it is good enough to wear. There are lots of newbie errors and flaws, but I am proud of it nonetheless.

Thanks to Kathy for all her help and her great pattern. And thanks to the lovely hostesses of the KAL.

More details on the process are on my blog. I'm looking forward to the next sexy knit!

Introduction and Nomination

Hi All!
This is my first post as I came in a bit late in the previous KAL. Just a little about me: I'm a misplaced Georgia chick going to school in Omaha, Nebraska and living with my boyfriend who is in the USAF. I am a fairly new knitter (just taught myself this past fall) but am absolutely loving it. It has really clicked with me and I think that I have so far been a fairly fast learner. . . . Oh. And I'm sexy like the rest of you lovely ladies. :)

I would like to give my two cents about a previous nomination, the Silk Corset. I am currently knitting it and am utterly in love with the pattern. I expect to be knitting a few more in the near future. (some for me and some for loved ones at home. :) I expected when I started out to have more trouble with it but really for such a beautiful and complicated finished look it has been surprisingly easy. I would love to see it win the nomination.

However I would like to nominate another as well. "I Do" from Knitty. http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTido.html
I think it is rather pretty and am anxious to try some lacy patterns. Also my cousin is having a rather ritzy wedding this summer and as Maid of Honor I expect to have several dressy pre-wedding events at which a garmet such as this would come in handy. So I'm knitting it soon. Thought I would extend an invitation for you all to join me.

And one quick question. I may be confused on this, but are some of the previous nominations crocheted items? Doesn't have to be strictly knitting then?

Hannah (aka: Piggleknits)

New Nomination

Rowan 37's Butterfly - It only takes 3-4 balls of Kid Silk Haze !

New Nomination

I would like to nominate Eunny's Deep V Arygle Vest for the next knitalong. It has stranding, it has steeks, and it is very sexy librarian! (I'd like to include a photo, but I don't have her permission. You can see the project in her sidebar at her blog.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Nominations - too hard to decide on one!

Somewhat Cowl - because it can be short sleeved for spring/summer, and because it is subtly sexy.

Asana - because it is elegant in its simplicity, and also shows some skin

Tempting 2 - because I love the neckline, and because it has such a wide range of sizes

W tank - because backs are sexy

Cleo - because it can be a bikini or a halter, and because the halter will accent the chest but go easy on the tummy.

KAL Nomination: Something Red

Hey everyone! I wasn't able to join you on the Picovoli KAL...so here's my nomination for the next KAL:

Knit and Tonic's Something Red. It's Wendy's newest endeavor - a sexy cardigan with varied sleeve lengths...so this one can go into the spring!

New Nomination: Tubey

Okay, I guess it's technically a new nomination for the next KAL, since no one's posted it yet. But, I've been drooling over Tubey for a while and would love an excuse to knit it (esp. after seeing Jeanie's)! Anyone else?

Here's the pic stolen from Knitty:

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cropped Tivoli - updated

Maybe I can achieve my Olympic deadline if I just make it into a crop top.

Edited to add a picture more appropriate for a "Sexy Knitter". This is right at the end of the waist decreases, and you can see it's not anywhere near my waist; I'm going to have to extend the pattern. I am probably going to do another 2 or 3 more decreases because I have a relatively narrow waist. It's a good thing I have a few more skeins of wool than the pattern called for; I'm going to need them.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Its done!

No picture yet, but my picovoli is done! I used it for my Knitting Olympcs project. I thought it would take me much longer than it did to make it. It took me 6 days to knit it! It looks really good. A little big in the back, but I think that was a blocking problem on my end, its going to be washed tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. I made is in Knit Picks' Shine in the green apple. Its very cute! Thanks grumperina for making the pattern so easy to read! It was a great first sweater/shirt!

Friday, February 17, 2006

KAL Nominations

Okay Ladies, it's time to begin with the official nominations for our next knit along! Please read these "nomination instructions" carefully so that all nominations can be considered, and so that no nominations get over-looked.

To nominate a pattern, first look in previous entries to see anybody else has "officially" nominated the same pattern. A nomination becomes "official" as of today, so any nominations posted on or after February 23rd are "officially official" (tee hee, I love the word "official"). Once you've determined that the pattern you'd like to nominate has not yet been nominated, please nominate it as a new entry with the subject "New Nomination" as your entry title. Do not nominate a pattern by leaving a comment in someone else's entry, as it will not be noticed by the nomination "officials" (tee hee), Zarah and myself.

If the pattern you like has already been nominated, please do not re-nominate it, but feel free to make comments about the pattern (whether you like it or not and why) under the existing nomination entry.

We will take nominations for 2 weeks only, so spread the word!

Something that y'all may not know is that the poll program that I used for the last KAL vote only allows 20 nominations for voting and if things go as I expect they will, we will have many more than 20 nominations. Instead of having run-off vote after run-off vote to narrow down the nominations (this could be very time consuming, and come on all we really want to do is knit, right???) I will more than likely appoint a "nomination committee" to help me narrow down the nominations to the best 20. This is why leaving comments for your favorite patterns is so important, as this will help "the committee" decide which nominations to keep and which to throw out. A few things to keep in mind about the nomination selections are:

  1. If your nomination doesn't make it to the final poll, don't despair... we will have another nomination for another KAL in just a couple of months, and you can re-nominate your pattern at that time.
  2. If you really like your pattern and are really bummed that it didn't make it to the final poll, knit it anyway!
  3. If you really like your pattern and are really bummed that it didn't make it to the final poll and you really want to knit it with a group of other knitters, starting your own knit along is easy! Email me and I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Also, you may remember that several nominations didn't make it to the final poll in the last KAL due to the narrowing down process. At that time I said we would use the 6 nominations that didn't make it to the poll last time as official nominations for the next KAL, so those patterns are already on the "official nomination" list and can be seen in the side bar under "Nominated Patterns". If you have a comment regarding any of the existing nominations, please feel free to enter it as a new entry, since a previous nomination entry won't be available.

We will also update the nominations listed in the side bar as often as possible, hopefully daily but no promises ;-)

And lastly, we're still taking names for those SKC members who participated in the Picovoli KAL and will draw a winner on March 1st, since the KAL isn't officially over until the end of February. What will the winner get, you ask??? Well, how about an SKC t-shirt?

Everything clear as mud??? If not, please post questions here and I'll do my best to respond to them all.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Woo hoo! A finished Picovoli


Originally uploaded by kerner.

I actually finished this about a week and a half ago, but I've been too sick to feel like posing for a picture. I'm feeling much better now, so here you go!

Project Details:

Pattern: "Picovoli," Magknits.com by Grumperina

Yarn: KnitPicks Shine in Orchid, 5 skeins

Needle Size: Size 4, 24" circular

Skills needed: knit, purl, increase, decrease, casting on additional stitches during knitting (cable cast-on or knitted cast-on)

Pattern Modifications: I knit the top a little longer than called for, and added one additional increase at the waist.

Time to knit: About a month and a half

Final impressions: I'm really happy with the way this project turned out. It fits great and it's very wearable -- I've already used it as a shell underneath a suit for work. I will probably knit it again in another color, maybe as a gift for my sister or mom.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Quandry

What to do...what to do. I just finished the decreases and the straight 2". This is definately too big. You can see the floppiness under the arm. And there seems to be no need to increase to the hem.
I will think on this a couple of days, but I am seriously considering ripping back to the yoke and redoing it on smaller needles. I got a little wonky on the gauge and have been using #6 needles....guess going back to 5's would be better. Geesh...and I was worried about negative ease in this linen/cotton...so over compensated.
Full frontal can be seen here: http://cyndyeb.blogspot.com/

looking for "something spring"

i can't quite come up with any ideas for the next kal...i want something spring in a nice cotton dk or light worsted weight yarn and i just visited my local yarn store for inspiration and bought three different yarns i'm looking forward to making into something! a black berroco twist, a blue berroco denim silk and a multi color tahki tweedy cotton. the new interweave knits mag has some gorgeous patterns this issue, a few great tanks for summer. but i'm waiting for some inspiration and so far am planning to make up my own thing on some of these yarns! i plan to make the tweedy cotton which is in hot pink,orange, lime and turquoise into a sleeved verion of the picovoli. i'm not through being in love with that sweater yet!

Making Progress....

I made it past the armholes! I was worried about it, but found great help from Kathy's explanation and some teaching links on the web. To motivate me, I joined the UFOlympics . So I have until Feb. 26th to finish. I think I can!

This knit is quite challenging for me. I have been knitting for just over a year and only made one easy sweater. Crochet was my sport until carpal tunnel put an end to that, so I do have some experience with patterns, just not knitting. I am enjoying making this, but it is not the best quality. I'm doing my best to hide the flaws in the back -- not pretty back there! I hope my next update is a finished Picovoli. I'm looking forward to the next round. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sexy Knitter?

Hmmm. It's Valentine's day, and I am sitting at home alone on the chesterfield with one of my cats on my lap. Wearing sweatpants and an old sweater (because of the cat hair effect).


But dammit, I am wearing my fancy red Bra and Panties, and I'm working on my Tivoli! And my kitty loves me.

(and my hubby and I had a pre-Valentine's weekend celebration to make up for him being out of town today).

I wonder if there's any chocolate kicking around here...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I finally got up the grits to put my knitting on a string and try it on. It seems a bit loose, but then, on me, the girls all trussed up doesn't look pleasant. So now I am doing the roundy round on waist decreases. I think when I get through with decreases, I need to work up some more grits and try it on again.
I wasn't really sure about doing negative ease with linen/cotton, but now am wondering about "growth". I understand cotton will grow on you....wondering about the blend. Anyway, it's a classy looking yarn that really works up into a pretty fabric. All that ecru-y creamy marly looking thing happening.
Oh, also, the russian join doesn't work on on Tahki Willow. The yarn is too stringy. Hmmm, I have a lot of "y" going on in this post.
Off I go to read some more blogs and go round and round with my decreases.
cyndye.....with note to self to ask Grumperina about how to help hubby find yarn in Siberia

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Need some advice

Hi ladies!
I'm tackling my first big lace project after picovoli and it's driving me up the wall. Can any of you recommend a beginner's guide to lace knitting? I feel like a complete dummy. I just can't get my stitch count right. I always end up with more chart than stitches. Thanks! Alicia

my picovoli is finally pictured!

this one's a little short but over all i LOVE grumperinas pattern and will make another....in turquiose with sleeves to the elbow!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm on My Way!

I've got my Picovoli on the needles! I'm using Endless Summer's Luna in cherry red. This is my first foray into sweater-making and I'm very excited to see how it knits up. I had to order my yarn and wait for it to arrive and I almost drove myself crazy waiting for it to get here. Congrats to all you girls who have completed your sweater and thanks for all the helpful information and advice from everyone. I'll be sure to show off my masterpiece when it is completed.

Just in time for the Olympics

Yay! I finished it last night... with plenty of time to spare for the start of the Olympics! I used Knitpicks Shine in cream, a great color that will go with everything. Ironing it out helped a lot with the rolling everywhere but in the front of the neck. I think I might try ironing it out a bit more, but it is done. Its really a great pattern, and it fits perfectly. The only mistakes you can see are where I joined yarns, but I managed to make them not-too-noticeable. I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of this pattern before cuz I thought it was too plain, but now I really like it. This is a top that I will be wearing a lot! Thanks Grumperina ;)

I'll be shopping for my Picovoli yarn tomorrow

I've not posted yet but seeing everyone's results have convinced me to make one too. There's a craft fair in Brighton tomorrow so I'll be yarn shopping. It will probably be the Debbie Bliss from te pattern but I'll see what else is available. I would love to make this in some cranberry coloured Butterfly cotton (maybe Super 10, but I got it over 6 years ago for a lacy cardi that never made it) Don't know if I would have enough because I made a bag one and a half times (the half went awol on a train) so I'll look for something new... I'll just have to try and convince the other half that it would be a great birthday present...

i have extra yarn...

lots of extra yarn, luna, burnished clay. so this is what i'm thinking. i made my picovoli the length in the pattern for two resons, i liked the look of grumperina's and i hate sweaters that sit on top of my belt because they make the buckle bump and if i go beltless then i feel like my pants are coming down. so i stuck with the recommended length. i didn't want to , i wanted to go longer, lots longer like a tunic almost. and i pretty much have commited to making a short bolero to go on top. no buttons, i like my boleros un buttoned and short above the waist about 3 or 4 inches. and the sleeves should be tight and right to the elbow, plain no fancy stuff either. that's what i'm going to do, but wait. i love the look of a short shrug or bolero on top of a long tunic so maybe i'll rip out the cast off edge and add a few more inches. hmm, the seater as it is is really a bit too short, i don't need my belly sticking out when i move so maybe a tunic is a fine idea. on another subject, i love the picovoli or should i say the luna once washed and blocked, it feels great, looks great and i took a big chance and machine washed it, it held up great. the only thing not great is the pictures i took...self ports, in the mirror shots and altho i have lots of mirrors they are all antique and antique mirrors are pretty to look at but pretty crappy if you want to see a decent image of yourself. so i'll try again.

Need your advice on yarns!

Hi! I have not posted because I am not knitting Picovoli yet (oh...). I have promised myself I will only start a new project when I finish the 2 sock pairs I have in progress, and then it will be Picovoli, of course.

I checked my stash, and there are 2 yarns in there which seem nice for this pattern (I have enough yardage of both). One is 100% non-mercerized and soft cotton. (The true colour is more interesting, the light pink is a complex, warm light pink, and not a bluish as it seems in the picture, and the blue is a bit darker). It is matte and not "ropy" at all. The other one is a 50% viscose 50% acrylic mix, shiny/satiny, in a dark wine colour (I will take a picture some day, it's more or less this colour, maybe a bit darker, but more satiny):

So, I need the advice of those who have already knitted or are knitting Picovoli. Has someone knitted it with a 100% cotton yarn? Are you happy with it? Did it grow after being knitted? Is it a good idea to knit it with more negative ease than usual? What about a viscose mix yarn? Has someone knitted Picovoli with it? Are you happy? Does it grow? What general advice do you have?

And finally, a poll: which of the 2 yarns is best for a Picovoli?


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Picot edged Picovoli

Hey all, here's my finished Picovoli!

This was great fun! Can't wait for the next KAL.

Image hosting by Photobucket

SPECS: Made with "Hawai" yarn 60% Nylon 40% Tricot. Size 3.75 mm circs and Smallest size of pattern due to the elasticity of the yarn.

If I make another I'd make it longer... I've got some cotton so I might try to make one with the right type of yarn.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rolling hem

Has anyone tried a folded hem? I ironed the heck of out my Pico, but it still was rolling up by the end of the day.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Hello sexy knitters!
Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Heather! I have been knitting for about 2 years now so I am still a novice! I just finished a basket weave scarf as seen here on Paris...one of my two goldens. I have been admiring all the picovoli's you have been showing and was wondering where I can find the pattern? Is it something that a novice like myself could do?
Well, off to start another project!

Monday, February 06, 2006

One more down..

...but I'm sad because it's a bit too big.

Oh well. I do love this pattern & the yarn. I've been wearing it anyway & either I'll just keep it this way or just frog it. Though it breaks my heart

More photos on my blog

done and done...

the superbowl is over and my picovoli is done and we were both winners! all that's left is the homecoming parade tomorrow for the steelers and the washing and blocking for my picovoli. i used less than 4 balls of luna and i realized that i ordered 8 balls instead of the needed 4 balls so if any of you out there in sexy knitters land want to buy 4 balls of luna in burnished clay i'll make you a good deal!!! when i looked at the pattern for yarn amounts, in my excitment i must've only looked briefly and saw this..."debbie bliss cathay etc etc color #8" had i looked further down the sentence i would've seen this ..."color #8: 4 skeins." hmm...there is a difference...impatience!!! maybe a nice shrug to go over the picovoi??? what do you think??? at any rate here she is i'll model after i finish weaving in a few ends and blocking! later...

Yet to start on Pico

but I've just managed to have my mom's tank top knitted up!

Here's my modelling it and you can read more about it on my blog.
Now, my turn to check out yarns for the Pico!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yet another Picovoli done!

Pattern: Picovoli on Magknits by Grumperina
Size: 40" bust
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine in Orchid - lil' bit over 5 skeins
Needles: Size 4 metal circs
Started: Swatched on Jan 6 and knit a bit each evening and on the way to work
Finished: Feb 5th

Some modifications to the pattern - I added about 2" to the bottom and just continued working the waste increases until it was the length that I wanted, and I only did 6 waist decrease rounds, and I probably could have used one or two more. One thing I didnt like was how large the armholes were so if I were to knit it again I would make them smaller - they seemed to sag a bit. I'd also go down one size because in my over estimation of what size I'd need and the underestimation of how much KnitPicks Shine would stretch - it ended up being a little looser than I wanted.

Over all though - the pattern is very well written and while there is a lot of stockinette - the shaping is quite lovely. I might add a lace inset next go around to keep things interesting.


I did try a couple of new techniques - the picot edging is definately something I would try again in another project, I also tried out the Russian Join, which I've decided is just not for me. I wasnt able to get the two yarns well joined enough and I could see where the join was because the stitches were puffy. I prefer my usual Doubling Up join where you knit with both yarns for 4-5 stitches and then you drop the old yarn and just knit with the new yarn. It makes for a much smoother transition in all but really bulky yarns.

Here is a side by side comparison:

Picovoli_004 Russianjoin

I'm done! I'm done!

Hi all!
Just wanted to send in a quick post and picture of my finished picovoli. I really love this shirt and am definitely going to be doing another one in a few months. I'll definitely put the picot edging on to account for the curl next time. Since I recycled my yarn, the edges seem curlier than usual so I can see me reblocking for sure. Now I'm off to finish an afghan before I begin swatching for the knitting olympics. More info on my picovoli is on my blog. Lookin' forward to the next KAL ladies!

Friday, February 03, 2006

i gotta say i love this picovoli...

love it, love the fit, love the way it looks on, love it! i finished my decreases and tried it on just to see...i was a skeptic and really had my doubts it would fit me i am tinier than tiny and...WOW it looks great! i can't wait to finish my even rounds and see how i interpret the increases since i have a way of doing my own thing when it comes to directions. i'll spare you the photo at this point since no one wants to see me in a belly shirt...especially not me! hopefully i'll finish this weekend. i have a date with my picovoli on superbowl sunday! GO STEELERS!!!

My vote

Hi y'all (waves) my vote for the next KAL is Cleo. Okay, bye! (ducks out) Emmie

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I have a confession to make

I made a trip to the frog pond with my Picovoli last week and I didnt want to admit I'd given up. My heart just wasn't in this project and I dont think my yarn choice went to well. Anyways I'm loving everyone else's finished pictures.
I can't wait to see what the next KAL project will be. Maybe something I can actually stick with.
Knit on girls!

Another finished Picovoli!

I finished my Picovoli a few weeks ago and was going to attempt to get some better pictures before posting here but haven't gotten around to it, which means I probably never will.....so here it is!

It was so much fun to knit, I'm so glad this pattern was picked for the KAL and I was able to participate. I used KnitPicks shine yarn in blush and US5 needles and it ended up being a little too big on me, but definitely wearable! I have a lot of Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine yarn that I bought for another project but I don't think it will work for what I had in mind so I may make another Picovoli in that yarn. I think it would be great in that yarn. I love the Shine yarn but I wish they had more colors, but you can't beat the price.

For more info and pictures, check out my blog.

I Got My Yarn!

Well I got my yarn for the KAL. It is knitpicks in shine, cherry red or something like that. :) I am working on my swatch right now. This will be my first shirt of any kind. I am excited but a little nervous. I will post some progress pictures when I start. :)