Friday, February 17, 2006

KAL Nominations

Okay Ladies, it's time to begin with the official nominations for our next knit along! Please read these "nomination instructions" carefully so that all nominations can be considered, and so that no nominations get over-looked.

To nominate a pattern, first look in previous entries to see anybody else has "officially" nominated the same pattern. A nomination becomes "official" as of today, so any nominations posted on or after February 23rd are "officially official" (tee hee, I love the word "official"). Once you've determined that the pattern you'd like to nominate has not yet been nominated, please nominate it as a new entry with the subject "New Nomination" as your entry title. Do not nominate a pattern by leaving a comment in someone else's entry, as it will not be noticed by the nomination "officials" (tee hee), Zarah and myself.

If the pattern you like has already been nominated, please do not re-nominate it, but feel free to make comments about the pattern (whether you like it or not and why) under the existing nomination entry.

We will take nominations for 2 weeks only, so spread the word!

Something that y'all may not know is that the poll program that I used for the last KAL vote only allows 20 nominations for voting and if things go as I expect they will, we will have many more than 20 nominations. Instead of having run-off vote after run-off vote to narrow down the nominations (this could be very time consuming, and come on all we really want to do is knit, right???) I will more than likely appoint a "nomination committee" to help me narrow down the nominations to the best 20. This is why leaving comments for your favorite patterns is so important, as this will help "the committee" decide which nominations to keep and which to throw out. A few things to keep in mind about the nomination selections are:

  1. If your nomination doesn't make it to the final poll, don't despair... we will have another nomination for another KAL in just a couple of months, and you can re-nominate your pattern at that time.
  2. If you really like your pattern and are really bummed that it didn't make it to the final poll, knit it anyway!
  3. If you really like your pattern and are really bummed that it didn't make it to the final poll and you really want to knit it with a group of other knitters, starting your own knit along is easy! Email me and I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Also, you may remember that several nominations didn't make it to the final poll in the last KAL due to the narrowing down process. At that time I said we would use the 6 nominations that didn't make it to the poll last time as official nominations for the next KAL, so those patterns are already on the "official nomination" list and can be seen in the side bar under "Nominated Patterns". If you have a comment regarding any of the existing nominations, please feel free to enter it as a new entry, since a previous nomination entry won't be available.

We will also update the nominations listed in the side bar as often as possible, hopefully daily but no promises ;-)

And lastly, we're still taking names for those SKC members who participated in the Picovoli KAL and will draw a winner on March 1st, since the KAL isn't officially over until the end of February. What will the winner get, you ask??? Well, how about an SKC t-shirt?

Everything clear as mud??? If not, please post questions here and I'll do my best to respond to them all.


xydrella said...

Just wondering how we suddenly hopped from 2006 to 2007? :) Actually I'm still not used to it being 2006, so silly me was a bit confused!

Jeanie said...

Hi Xydrella -- "We" didn't hop to 2007, "I" did so that I could keep this post at the top of the blog for a while. Sorry for the confusion.

Nancy said...

How come a couple of the nominated patterns for the next KAL are crochet? I'm cool with it if that was the plan - just askin :)

Specifically - Baroque Lady's Jacket and Lacy Cardigan.

I'm not against learning how to crochet for the record, and both patterns are pretty.

Jeanie said...

Hey Nancy, great question! Actually, the answer is that they're there because someone nominated them, and I felt that if enough people wanted to make them and voted them in, then why not? I also felt though, that the chances of them actually being voted in as an official winner for the next KAL was minimal and didn't see it as too much of an issue. If enough people feel strongly enough about it however, we can certainly make a rule about the patterns being knit patterns as opposed to crochet patterns since it is afterall, the Sexy Knitters Club and not the Sexy Crocheters Club ;-) I think that at the time, we were much smaller than we are now and I just thought it was better to consider all options.

gaysknits said...

one day i'll learn to crochet but not today! are you going to list the previous kal nominations on the sidebar so we can comment on them again for this kal...i'd like to see them again since i forget which ones they were but i know i really liked a few of them so may want to knit them anyway....

amylovie said...

Crystal clear Jeanie. Dang, I wish I had time to knit!!


Jeanie said...

No, we're not going to list the previous nominations from the last knit along -- that would just be too many nominations, but if they're re-nominated, they'll be on the list. And you can always go back into the archives to see what patterns were nominated for the last KAL.

YarnB said...

I hope you still have my name down as someone who finished the Picovoli! It is Lisa. I didn't post photos because it was way too big!!