Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yet another Picovoli done!

Pattern: Picovoli on Magknits by Grumperina
Size: 40" bust
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine in Orchid - lil' bit over 5 skeins
Needles: Size 4 metal circs
Started: Swatched on Jan 6 and knit a bit each evening and on the way to work
Finished: Feb 5th

Some modifications to the pattern - I added about 2" to the bottom and just continued working the waste increases until it was the length that I wanted, and I only did 6 waist decrease rounds, and I probably could have used one or two more. One thing I didnt like was how large the armholes were so if I were to knit it again I would make them smaller - they seemed to sag a bit. I'd also go down one size because in my over estimation of what size I'd need and the underestimation of how much KnitPicks Shine would stretch - it ended up being a little looser than I wanted.

Over all though - the pattern is very well written and while there is a lot of stockinette - the shaping is quite lovely. I might add a lace inset next go around to keep things interesting.


I did try a couple of new techniques - the picot edging is definately something I would try again in another project, I also tried out the Russian Join, which I've decided is just not for me. I wasnt able to get the two yarns well joined enough and I could see where the join was because the stitches were puffy. I prefer my usual Doubling Up join where you knit with both yarns for 4-5 stitches and then you drop the old yarn and just knit with the new yarn. It makes for a much smoother transition in all but really bulky yarns.

Here is a side by side comparison:

Picovoli_004 Russianjoin


knitncycle said...

Your pico looks great and I love the color! I'll have to try the doubling up join.

grumperina said...

It looks beautiful on you! I love the way the color goes with your skin and hair. Would you like your Pico to appear in the gallery?

Nancy said...

Sure I'd love to join the gallery :)