Sunday, February 12, 2006


I finally got up the grits to put my knitting on a string and try it on. It seems a bit loose, but then, on me, the girls all trussed up doesn't look pleasant. So now I am doing the roundy round on waist decreases. I think when I get through with decreases, I need to work up some more grits and try it on again.
I wasn't really sure about doing negative ease with linen/cotton, but now am wondering about "growth". I understand cotton will grow on you....wondering about the blend. Anyway, it's a classy looking yarn that really works up into a pretty fabric. All that ecru-y creamy marly looking thing happening.
Oh, also, the russian join doesn't work on on Tahki Willow. The yarn is too stringy. Hmmm, I have a lot of "y" going on in this post.
Off I go to read some more blogs and go round and round with my decreases.
cyndye.....with note to self to ask Grumperina about how to help hubby find yarn in Siberia

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