Sunday, February 26, 2006

still here...

and still working on the cropped bolero for my picovoli. i finished the body of it and in my anticipation of finishing i made too few increases so my sleeves are a bit tight but i have adjusted that by using a bigger needle size and i was hoping to finish this weekend but have not yet. there is still time. since i switched needle sizes i was able to use my denise interchangeable needle set, and that's a good thing, because i have decided that i absolutly hate my boye needle master set and after i finish this project or maybe sooner it's going back on ebay where it came from. the cords are not flexible at all and the joins of needle to cord are so horrible and don't let me get started on the joins of cord to cord...i'd rather ski than knit anything with thoses needles again and i'm a girl who likes speed but on wheels not on two pieces of board!!! pics coming soon i hope!!!

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