Wednesday, February 15, 2006

looking for "something spring"

i can't quite come up with any ideas for the next kal...i want something spring in a nice cotton dk or light worsted weight yarn and i just visited my local yarn store for inspiration and bought three different yarns i'm looking forward to making into something! a black berroco twist, a blue berroco denim silk and a multi color tahki tweedy cotton. the new interweave knits mag has some gorgeous patterns this issue, a few great tanks for summer. but i'm waiting for some inspiration and so far am planning to make up my own thing on some of these yarns! i plan to make the tweedy cotton which is in hot pink,orange, lime and turquoise into a sleeved verion of the picovoli. i'm not through being in love with that sweater yet!

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knitncycle said...

I love that denim silk! I had some gimmes too from the newest IK issue. I bet the denim silk would look great in a camisole but that might be more summer than spring.