Friday, February 24, 2006

Introduction and Nomination

Hi All!
This is my first post as I came in a bit late in the previous KAL. Just a little about me: I'm a misplaced Georgia chick going to school in Omaha, Nebraska and living with my boyfriend who is in the USAF. I am a fairly new knitter (just taught myself this past fall) but am absolutely loving it. It has really clicked with me and I think that I have so far been a fairly fast learner. . . . Oh. And I'm sexy like the rest of you lovely ladies. :)

I would like to give my two cents about a previous nomination, the Silk Corset. I am currently knitting it and am utterly in love with the pattern. I expect to be knitting a few more in the near future. (some for me and some for loved ones at home. :) I expected when I started out to have more trouble with it but really for such a beautiful and complicated finished look it has been surprisingly easy. I would love to see it win the nomination.

However I would like to nominate another as well. "I Do" from Knitty.
I think it is rather pretty and am anxious to try some lacy patterns. Also my cousin is having a rather ritzy wedding this summer and as Maid of Honor I expect to have several dressy pre-wedding events at which a garmet such as this would come in handy. So I'm knitting it soon. Thought I would extend an invitation for you all to join me.

And one quick question. I may be confused on this, but are some of the previous nominations crocheted items? Doesn't have to be strictly knitting then?

Hannah (aka: Piggleknits)

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Jeanie said...

Hi and welcome Hannah! Wow, a new knitter and already working on the Silk Corset -- I'm impressed!

Regarding the crocheted nominations, I posted on another entry, but will re-post here as well... "Actually, the answer is that they're there because someone nominated them, and I felt that if enough people wanted to make them and voted them in, then why not? I also felt though, that the chances of them actually being voted in as an official winner for the next KAL was minimal and didn't see it as too much of an issue. If enough people feel strongly enough about it however, we can certainly make a rule about the patterns being knit patterns as opposed to crochet patterns since it is afterall, the Sexy Knitters Club and not the Sexy Crocheters Club ;-) I think that at the time, we were much smaller than we are now and I just thought it was better to consider all options".

Hope this helps!