Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'd like to nominate the Greek Pullover from Interweave Knits - 2005 Fall issue, I think, but I found a kit which included the yarn and magazine including the pattern at JimmyBeansWool. Here's a photo:

I would like to nominate "Sweet Rose" from the current issue of Knit Scene magazine (also published by interweave)

So sweet, and a little revealing!

I'd love to make this with you guys!

Wicked Wind Up!

Well, today is the last day of the Wicked / Eiffel Knit along and what a fantastic bunch of FO's we've had! Congratulations to each and every one of you who finished one (or both) of these lovely patterns! As usual, we will have a drawing for all members who particpated in this knit along. This time, the drawing will be for a Sexy Knitters Club tote bag as well as one skein of Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet Sock Yarn in any colorway of your choosing (if you're not into socks, feel free to select a different yarn worth the same amount). To enter the drawing, email me and title your email "Wicked/Eiffel Knit Along". In the body of the email, please include a link to or a pic of your FO. If you finished both patterns, please title the subject of your email "I Finished Both" and your name will be entered into the drawing twice.

Now, on to the next knit along! We will start taking official nominations for the next knit along today and will continue to take nominations for two weeks. We'll then start the next knit along at the beginning of April.

Speaking of nominations, I would like to officially nominate the Tea Rose Halter Top from the Spring '07 issue of Interweave Knits. I think this pattern would look great over a cami as shown as well as short sleeve t-shirt with a pair of jeans which would make it more bra-friendly.

Edited to add: Okay, I've been doing a little research on the "called for" yarn (Twinkle Cruise made by Classic Elite) and not only is it a bit pricey but it's next to impossible to find! Then to make matters worse, I couldn't find a gauge for the "called for" yarn (neither on the Classic Elite site nor Wenlan Chia's site) to be able to shop for a decent substitute, so here's what I did. I found other yarns that had a similar 'yards-per-ounce' ratio and deduced that Twinkle Cruise is more than likely a sport weight yarn with an approximate gauge of 5.5 - 6 stitches per inch on size 3 - 5 needles. This makes sense since this pattern requires 4 strands held together to acheive the "chunky" look and also explains why so many skeins are required. That being said, I'm wondering if KnitPicks Shine would be a more affordable alternate at only $2.50 per skein.

Does anybody out there know what the exact gauge of Twinkle Cruise is so that we might consider yarn subs?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Wicked Hat?

Yep! I made a hat using some stash yarn and leftovers from my Wicked to make a slouchy hat (they're very popular on craftster). It incorporates the crossover pattern from the pocket. What do you guys think?

Wicked Slouchy side 2 Wicked Slouchy done

Monday, February 26, 2007

Totally OT

I just found out that my MRI will be this Thursday morning at 10 am. Please keep me in your prayers.

I'm finally starting Wicked

First I joined late, then I am a slow knitter with a ton of baby gifts to make, and then the original yarn I ordered is ugly. So finally... when the weather hits 72 before 10am in my town... I start a nice warm wool version of Wicked. Oh well. I'll move back north eventually.

It is a bit more green than in this picture. I adore this new color and cannot wait to get this ready to wear.
Hello - this is my first post here because I didn't have much progress to report until now. I am knitting Wicked using Alpaca I bought at the 2006 Maryland Wool & Sheep Festival.

I have about 2.5" to knit then I start my decreases. This is such a great knit and the crossover pattern is SO easy.

I will NOT be knitting the pocket because I am short waisted and the pocket will only accentuate my middle and not in a good way! Off to knit now.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eiffel finished

I love my new sweater. I am so shocked that it finished so quickly compared to my Wicked. I guess that accounts for one being lace weight and the other more of a worsted weight. Wicked was starting to make me doubt my speed in knitting.

See why I have short sleeves over at my blog.

Yeah I finished both before the KAL finished!

Finished Eiffel!

I haven't been so good about commenting on everyone's posts lately, as my work network has blocked access to this site! I think they think it is p*rn or something....LOL. When I am at home, Blogger hasn't been too cooperative, as we all know, so anyway - everybody's FOs look GREAT and I've been trying to go to the individual blogs to comment instead of commenting here lately.

I finished Eiffel yesterday and I love the end result, although I'm not sure I would use hemp again for a project due to its effect on my hands! It didn't seem too hard to work with, but as time went on with it, it seemed to have a cumulative effect of hurting my hands. Maybe I would use it again, but not with a project incorporating lace into the pattern. I'm not crazy about 100% cotton though either, so it might just be my craziness.

Here's a link to my post on Eiffel yesterday on my blog...

So is there any kind of special prize for finishing both Sexy Knits this time, on time?!?!

Eiffel Done!

This is a truely wretched picture taken by tech and gadget challanged dh, so please excuse it. But I finished my Eiffel!

The yarn I choose to use in place of ribben is complamentory in color to the yarn I used for the Eiffel, so it doesn't stand out as much as the one in the pattern. However that was my intent, not to have it draw so much attention by contrasting so much.

The short rows I did in front worked out just right, whew I sweated those! I'll write out details in the next day or so and post them to my personal blog ( ) as soon as I can.

I realized after two of the "plain" rows done between the decrease rows, that if I did all of the plain rows the yoke would be way to long for me. So I didn't do any more of them, only did decrease rows without the plain in between. The yoke came out just right.

I used the "ribbon" yarn on the sleeve cuffs, which are cut off in this picture. I did two single crochet stitches in each stitch around. This added a slight "flair" to the cuff of the sleeve, which is what my intent. With the sleeve fitting snug, I wanted a little flair at the cuff because I like that!

My dh pointed something out to after I finished this sweater. After I have my reduction surgery, the sweater won't fit the same. I told him that was fine, I'd just knit me another one!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


well I just ordered my yarn for Eiffel. has anyone else used knitpicks merino style? I just hope it works out.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm official

I can now say I'm a sexy knitter! This is my first KAL with SKC. I'm late in the game getting Wicked started, but here is my progress after my second day. This is also my first sweater. I was having a difficult time getting it started but stuck with it. I hope that I got my gauge correct. So far I love the neckline. I'm using ArtYarns Supermerino 233 (ordered from Sarah's Yarns...Sarah gives a great discount for SKC members) and size 8 needles. The picture doesn't do justice to the actual color of the yarn...a very nice green.

hi there

hey I'm new and I think that I will be starting Eiffel when i get the yarn for it. will any DK weight yarn work? i'm just wondering. well any way thanks for letting me join.

hi there

hey I'm new and I think that I will be starting Eiffel when i get the yarn for it. will any DK weight yarn work? i'm just wondering. well any way thanks for letting me join.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Knit-Along

Hello sexy knitters,

Thank you for the comments I received on my Wicked. I cannot wait to see what our new project is going to be. In the meantime I decided to make Stefanie Japel`s Cable Down Raglan from the Spring Interweave Knits. I would really like to share tips and ideas on this design and so I decided to host a Knit-Along. Please join me if you are interested.


Well I liked the wicked pattern so much that I bought yarn to make a 2nd! I'm going to make it one size smaller than the last one. I haven't decided about what sleeves to make long short or inbetween. I had a gift cdertificate from the LYS for $25 so It only cost $20 for the yarn! :-) The color is almost the same as the one from the pattern, a light tealy green. It is Berroco Ultra alpaca.

Oh I started a Sizzle too....

New and working on Wicked

I am new to the Sexy Knitters Club. I am currently working on Wicked. It's my first sweater, and here is what I have so far. Glad to be joined, and can't wait to have a finished Wicked to share with you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How Wicked of Me

Wicked Complete 2Yeah, I made my hubby sleep on the couch so that I could block Wicked. lol I had it pinned down to his side of the bed. hehe It was SO worth it though. Although I was really worried that I might give the sweater too much width, I didn't. I could actually wear it without the shirt underneath, it just looks better that way I think. This is my very first sweater too! It's so awesome, I love raglans...mostly because I hate seaming.

A Wicked Good Sweater

I finished my Wicked last night and I love it so much I casted on another one the same day. I used 3 skeins of Lorna`s Laces Shepherd Worsted. I wanted to make longer sleeves and so I did not have enough yarn for the pocket. But my next Wicked is definitively going to have one. I made a few modifications for the waist decreases. I repeated the decrease row 10 times instead of 5 times and then increased for the hips all the way to the ribbing. I used the same cross-over pattern for the ribs on the body as on the collar and sleeves. There are some more pictures on my blog if you are interested.
Thank you Zephyr Ladies for such a great pattern.

A Wicked fast knit

I have finished the body of my Wicked. I did a 3x2 ribbing at the bottom. I tried it on and it fits great. I am now working on the sleeves. I am using 1 circular needle because I am afraid of all of those loose needles. So far it is working fine. I am planning on doing the 3/4 length sleeve. I hope this only posts once because this is my third try. I kept getting an error message. I apologize if there is more than 1 post.

I bound off Wicked's body last night. I did a 3x2 ribbing on the bottom. I am now working on the sleeves but using 1 circular needle. I am planning on doing the 3/4 length sleeve.

wicked cozy!

of course, when i had my camera nearby the other night, blogger wouldn't let me do a thing, so i gave up. but this morning, i'm wearing my cozy new wicked. i love it! i wish i'd done even more waist shaping (and i thought i'd done a lot!), but i think it still fits great. i did no decreasing on the arms, (1) because i love big cozy sleeves and (2) because (imho) tapered sleeves do for arms what tapered jeans do for legs and butts--not flattering for most of us! i love the easy faux-cable trim. i knitted it in a very inexpensive winter white acrylic-wool blend that i'd picked up ages ago for a different project, because i just didn't want to spend money for this kal this time around, having splurged a lot on the simple knitted bodice. i'm so happy with my new sweater! i'll try to dig up my camera again and post a photo one of these days :)
lisa b.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All But the Sleeves

Nearing completion... more progress notes on my blog.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogger Issues Updated

Well, I've been trying (and trying and trying) to post and for some reason Blogger absolutely positively will NOT let me post! AND to make matters worse, it completely deletes my entire post! AUGH! I have no idea if this post will even make it to the site or not..... fingers crossed!

Anyway... if you don't see posts from me, now you know why! I may need to contact some of you who have helped me in the past to post important info here if I'm unable to get said info into a post myself. VERY frustrating!

Also, I've sent, re-sent, and re-sent again TONS of invitations to those of you who have requested them, however I have not received a single "acceptance" which either means that you're not receiving my invitations or the membership activation link is not working (if and when you get the invitation). Again, VERY frustrating! I just really want you new members to know that I'm TRYING very hard to get you "in" and have not forgotten you or even gotten too busy (for once) to send the invitations out. Our blog just seems to still be having major issues with Blogger and for now I suppose we'll just have to wait patiently until Blogger works out these bugs. I think I've asked this before, but does anybody know how to contact Blogger about this? If so, please let me know!

I also just want to say how beautiful everybody's projects are! I'm beyond impressed with all of you Sexy Knitters! Keep up the great work!

Wicked Started

I'm late but here's my contribution so far:
Neckline (and pocket-to-be) - Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight
Body and sleeves - Lane Cervinia Softer - 50 50 mohair acrylic

I started with the extra small but I'm going to somehow make it bigger, probably by increasing the needles from 4 to 5 or 6. I hope I won't be frogging because mohair just doesn't like to unknit. All your sweaters look so terrific and inspiring.

Wicked Started

I'm late but here's my contribution so far:
Neckline (and pocket-to-be) Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight
Body and sleevesLane Cervinia Softer - 50 50 mohair acrylic

I started with the extra small but I'm going to somehow make it bigger, probably by increasing the needles from 4 to 5 or 6. I hope I won't be frogging because mohair just doesn't like to unknit. All your sweaters look so terrific and inspiring.

Wicked Started

I'm late but here's my contribution so far:
Neckline (and pocket-to-be) Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight
Body and sleevesLane Cervinia Softer - 50 50 mohair acrylic

I started with the extra small but I'm going to somehow make it bigger, probably by increasing the needles from 4 to 5 or 6. I hope I won't be frogging because mohair just doesn't like to unknit. All your sweaters look so terrific and inspiring.

Back Problems, Eiffel, Etc

I am still having major back problems. I spending most of my time on the sofa on a hot pad watching tv and when pain allows working on my Eiffel. I have had it with my back. I have used all of my allotments for scripts for the month, and my parents even paid cash so that I could get a refill of my muscle relaxers! (My doctor won't call anything else in until I can get in to be seen!) My dh and I have a long car ride for his dr's appt today, then I am going for a "fit-me-in-cause-I-can't-take-it-any-more" appointment tomorrow morning! (I just don't think I can make it another two weeks until my scheduled appointment time, sorry.)

On a happier note, I am nearly done with my Eiffel! I have joined the sleeves to the body, and have four of the seven ribbing rows done afterwords. If all goes well, I should have the knitting and grafting done by the end of the day. If luck stays with me, and Lord willing it should, I hope to block it while at the doctor's office tomorrow morning. If all goes according to plans (utto, famous last words.......), I hope to post a picture of me wearing it tomorrow evening. Wish me, and my back, luck.


Sunday, February 18, 2007


What a nice weekend! I spent some time spinning the HUGE bag of roving from Christmas. I'm getting more relaxed with it and am getting consistent thickness.
Here's a picture of wool I spun up.
I had my second officially spinning class today. It was great. I wish this shop was closer to my house...because it's now my favorite place! They carry a great selection of really nice yarns --- and brands you don't see at every other yarn shop. Stuff like Harrisville and Buffalo Gold (nice yarn, bad name).
The couple that owns the shop are really friendly. We were talking about stash today...they decided to open a shop when their stash room got out of control! I can't imagine having a room dedicated to my stash --- I feel bad about the random 8 skeins I haven't played with yet. I think I'm a monogamous knitter --- one project at a time.
I started my first spinning project with a purpose. I spinning a dreamy purple alpaca that I plan to knit into a pretty lacey shawl.
On Saturday, I was looking 2 beautiful skeins I received from Harriet for the Knitter's Coffee Swap. I've started a simple shawl --- and I couldn't be more tickled with how it's looking. The colors are amazing.

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments over the last week. It's really cheered me up with the shitty couple of weeks I've had. Sorry that I haven't been able to visit everyone else's blog as frequent as I like --- I'll be visiting soon!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mohair Wicked finished

I finished this yesterday. It is really warm and light. It is great on a cold night even with just a tank under it. Check out my changes on my blog.

Wicked FO!

I just finished Wicked this morning - here's a full length shot of it...


And a close up:

21607 002

More details on my blog...

Now to finish Eiffel - I am still working on the sleeves!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Almost There!

wicked more 2Well, my Wicked measures 11" from the underarm...but I have a longish torso, so I'm thinking I'll knit an extra inch or two before starting the ribbing. Does anyone have any suggestions for the arms? Did you prefer the DPNs or two circs? Did you pick up any stitches at the underarm join?

I'm definitely going to do this pattern again...except I was thinking of adding in some intarsia or fair-isle and doing the longer sleeved version.

Wicked by Zephyr Style
apx. 800 yards Artyarns Supermerino (color 214)
Size 8 Knit Picks Options

Great soft, squishy yarn & fabulous color striations.
Fun cables, cool pocket, and easy going.

Gotta love it... and I do!

Eiffel, an update

I did fine at the LYS yesturday with my back until lunchtime. I sat in a low-backed chair to eat, and was in pain the rest of the day. The story is on my blog at

LYS didn't have the size of metal dbl pts that I needed to be able to do both sleeves seperately at the same time. So Fran, LYS owner, loaned a set and a half (7) dbl pts in size 6 so that I could do the sleeves at the same time. I have about 5 or so inches done on both sleeves now. (I work one pattern repeat on sleeve one, then work that repeat on sleeve two, and so on.) This keeps the tension about the same at about the same place on each sleeve, a real problem for me when I do the sleeves one at a time.

I wanted to remind y'all to check the size of your needles with a sizer. The set of size 6 dbl pts that I had was a bit odd, I noticed. So Fran and I checked them yesturday. They were all 4 from the same packaged set, but three of them sized properly at size 6 and one sized at a size 5 or 5.5! So no matter what size they are labeled to be, double check them with a sizer please.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wicked's Coming Along

I attached the pocket to the body today and I'm nearly ready to move on to the sleeves and then finish my FIRST sweater EVER!!! I posted many more details (and pictures) on my blog.

Wicked weather leads to good knitting

Well I can hardly believe it! I finished my Wicked sweater today! I had the day off of work because of the I got it all done and on time too!!! I started it on Jan 14th and finished it today Feb. 14th. So finished in just one month! Don't mind my hair, I'd been out snow blowing the driveway earlier in the day! (We got about 20 inches of snow here yesterday!)

It's knit out of Knit Picks Andean Silk in Sangria. I really like the yarn, it's very soft. I do wish that I would have made it a size smaller. I need to learn that whatever size I think I need to make, I should go down at least one size!! It's soaking right now and I need to go block it.
You can read more about it and my other crafty adventures on my blog

HI Jan

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the welcome. I am trying to finish this hat for Gianni tonight so I can mail it to RI. But this morning I was commited to finishing up dipping strawberries at church. We made over 75 dozen of different type chocolate dipped strawberries for valentines day! I am sick of the smell of chocolate now lol. Do you know where I can find the pattern for both the Effiel and Wicked?

I must admit I am learning some new stiches and short row is one of the things I want and need to learn. Michael is waiting patiently for his socks lol. He picked out the yarn and now I just have to make them. Anyway when I finish the hat I will post the picture. Have a Great Valentine's Day all.

Cheryl ~ Katy, TX

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eiffel Progress

I have finished the body up to the point of setting it aside to do the sleeves. I have started on sleeve number one. I am "loading up" on those heating pad type patches later this morning as I have to go run some errands, including a stop by the LYS. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of getting another set of size dbl pts and doing both sleeves at the same time. This pattern is going seriously fast, well being that I have had to sit on a heating pad on the sofa for my back and do little else beside knit and watch tv. Pics when I am done.

I'm New

Hi everyone my name is Cheryl and I have been knittnig for quite sometime. Though I did take a 20+ year hiatus and now I am back knitting with a vengence so to speak. I am so glad that I found this blog and the knitted clothing you all have made is just beautiful. I tried to send my intro yesterday and something went wrong so I hope this one goes through.
This picture was taken in May 2005. I have Auburn hair now but Michael likes the blonds and so do I so this Spring back to blonde.

Anyway It is so nice to see "SEXY" little numbers that will make women feel not only sexy but happy that they do not have to knit something that thier moms or grandmother's would wear. I just hope I can find something that I can knit that will look nice on me. Being a big busted girl can have it's drawbacks if you know what I mean .
I really like the Eiffel top and would love to make it in a nice red color like American Beauy that Tilli Tomas has or a similar yarn. I think the Wicked would look smashing in a deep blue black color. Anyway I am not a very fast knitted as I am learning a few things like knitting on DPN's and cable stitches. How does one get started say on working on making the Eiffel top? I need to finish 2 projects on my needles then I can start that one. Well it is so nice to be a part of this group and I hope to make some nice friends along the way. Have an awesome night!

Cheryl ~ Katy, TX

Eiffel Complete!

Here it be: my completed Eiffel. I love this pattern! Despite the couple of mistakes I made in its construction, I'm entirely satisfied with it. Here's a close-up of the lovely neckline, that I didn't even realize would be lacy! (I really should read ahead in patterns.)

exactly 4 skeins of Alchemy "Silk Purse" yarn, colour 93a - Ruby
pattern: Eiffel
ribbon: plain ol' black ribbon from Michael's
Things I'd change: I was far too lazy to rip this one out when I should have, about 1.5 inches in, when I realized the size Small I was making was going to be far too big, and xs was the way to go.
Also, I should have made the body part about 2 inches longer. I tried to lightly block it out, and it didn't make too much of a difference. I can live with it, though.
New skills: Knit with 100% silk yarn. Very beautiful finish, nice and soft and smooth. One thing to keep in mind - it's very stretchy. Also, frogging and reusing isn't the best, as it gets a bit fuzzy and unhappy.

I apologize for the fuzzy pic. It's the best I could do on my own!

to frog or not to frog?

waaaaa! I think my Wicked is too big! I'm an orphan knitter (no LYS or knitting group in town) so I depend on the blogging community for help. If you have time please take a peek at my blog for details and a bigger picture and leave your thoughts. Thank you so much!


I'm new to the SKC and I am so excited!!

I am so glad to be in this group!! I have looked at and read most of the postings and the work that everyone has done is awesome. This first picture is the back part of my grandaughters sweater. The first offical "clothing" article I am making lol. The next is a picture of me with blonde hair. I have deep auburn now, but Michael has asked ifI would go blonde again. I said only if you buy me more yarn. So aat the end of the month I will get more yarn!! I am excited to start one of the tops but am not sure if I want to do the Wicked or the Effiel. They both are very pretty.
I am glad to see that there is a blog that is for "sexy" knitters and that the knitted articles are very pretty and tastefully designed. I just hope I can find something that will accomodate big chested women. I have seen other things and they are so gramma looking for like if you were really up their in age. I'm not a spring chicken at 47 but hey sexy is a feeling that comes from inside out! So I would like to make something sexy that is for me. So are there any suggestions? Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this group, I hope to make many friends here.
Cheryl ~ Katy, TX

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogger Issue Updates

Well, I'm still not able to delete duplicate posts (including my own below) but I'm glad to hear that many of you have been able to delete your duplicates when they occur and I REALLY appreciate y'all taking the time to do so.

I also wanted to mention that I've re-sent 7 invitations that were never activated (just in case some of you never received your invites) and have sent out several new invitations. Please be on the look out for your invitations and PLEASE be sure to activate your membership when your invitation arrives in your inbox.

Thanks again and keep up the splendid work!


I finally casted on for Wicked. After Christmas I had too many projects on my needles and wanted to finish them. There are still some but after seeing all the Wickeds here I just couldn't wait to start. I am using Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted in a beautiful colorway called Jeans and I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly it grows.

Double Take

I figure TWO Wicked's are better than One.....
And both my Wickeds are done! done! done!
You can get all the boring details HERE.

Wicked Question

Does anyone have an opinion on how Berroco Denim Silk would be for Wicked? It looks like the gauge would be right, and it would be nice and soft, but would Wicked be nice in a "drapey" fabric? just thought I'd throw this out there.

Eiffel Question

I am doing the Eiffel in the XL size to accomodate my large bust and to fit me a bit loose, to wear it out as designed might require a divorce and I'd rather not. Anyway, I have spent the last two days on the sofa on a heating pad doing little else other than watching tv and knitting when the back pain permited. I held it up this evening and I realized something, if I knit the lace portion for my size as long as the stated 12 inches, it will fall down to somewhere along the tops of my thighs or hit in the back along the widest most unflattering point of my behind!

My question is: {1}Should I knit the lace shorter so that the sweater length overall is about the same when worn as it should be? (9-10 inches in this case) {2}Should I knit the lace longer so that in the back it falls bellow my behind (13-14 inches I am guessing) Your input is greatly needed.

I have moved my personal blog over to WordPress, and will be deleating my blogger blog completely on or about the first of March.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wicked Question

Does anyone have an opinion on how Berroco Denim Silk would be for Wicked? I looks like the gauge would be right, and it would be nice and soft, but would Wicked be nice in a "drapey" fabric? just thought I'd throw this out there.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finally Started

I finally started Wicked today! I'm so excited! I've been talking about it for weeks. I'm using KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Truffle. I was going to make the long sleeve version. However, after seeing the 3/4 length sleeve, I think I may like them more. I have some more pics on my blog.

Wayward Wicked

I've finally gotten back up to speed with Wicked, after a hiatus that seems really long, now that I'm seeing the progress everyone's made! After reading through recent posts, I'm hoping I have enough negative ease in mine. The yarn, Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, is a little rustic and I'll definitely be wearing this with a shirt under it, so hopefully it will fit well! Even though I LOVE the super fitted versions out there, I was actually hoping for a nice and cozy, WARM sweater (for a change!)

Blogged here.

Eiffel Going Sloooow

Hello all!

My Eiffel is growing verrrry slowly.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Its not for lack of love for the yarn - it's amazing! I just seem to have something eating away at my knitting time!
I do have a couple questions:
This is a %100 silk yarn, and I understand that it has zero memory. Can I block it out a bit bigger, and then perhaps save it from expanding further?
Also, should I spray-block it? I've never spray-blocked before, but I hear it dries much faster. I have a feeling this yarn would be a bit fragile when wet, as well.

And note: proof of my knitting laziness. At the bottom right corner of the Eiffel you'll see an unattractive "jutting out" piece. This is due to my "I'll just have to live with it" mistake of casting on for a size small, and then upon completing about 1.5 inches discovering that it was a wee bit too large. I perhaps would have been tempted to frog, if not for the fact that it took me three frustrating attempts to cast on (because for some reason I temporarily forgot how to join in the round without twisting the stitches).

Thanks all!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Wicked Good Things

Hi my name is Drea and this is my first post to the Sexy Knitters Club. I have already been working away on Wicked and can't wait to finish it. I am using a hand-dyed superwash merino from Woven Art. I love that this pattern gives you sizing and shaping tips the whole way thru. I first saw the pattern on Gay's Knits hers turned out beautifully!

Eiffel, started

First of all I want to appoligize for the multiple posts, since deleated. I kept getting Blogger 502 Error Messages, when in fact my post were being posted. Thanks to insaknitty , who commented on my personal blog, I realized what had happened and deleated the duplicates (with some hassles from Blogger I might add...ugh).

I casted on for my Eiffel yesturday. I didn't use the smaller needle size for casting on or the first inch. I have learned from personal experience that I end up busting this tightened band with wear. So I just eliminated it.

I am doing the XL size, but I added 7 stitches for the first two lace stitch pattern repeats. Then I am deleating one of the extra stitches per round there after until I am down to the proper stitch count for my size. This will help to hide the fact that I did the first three rows flat--back and forth--and not in the round. This totally eleminated my natural tendency to twist the living daylights out of it!

I am doing the lace portion atleast as long as designed, but then I am doing the ribbed portion longer than designed for one main reason. The reason? I have no desire to get divorced, and if I wore this top outside of my home knit as designed I'd almost have to! I am also going to have to figure out a way to lengthen the front of the ribbed portion without lengthening the back to accomodate a large bust and not have the top appear "lop-sided" when worn. Anyone else done this? Anyone got any ideas? Any design tips here?

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I just put my sleeves on scrap yarn and I will try it on tonight, then MUCH shorter rounds of plain stockinette!! The end is (somewhat) in sight!! More details on my blog.

D-O-N-E. Done.

I finished and blocked this last weekend, but due to blogger issues, I haven't been able to figure out posting. Now, by sheer luck I have managed to find a way. I share with you, my Wicked! I was going to add a pocket but, for some reason, I didn't have enough yarn. I think it was more I feared I wouldn't have enough so I didnt bother. I dont mind it without. It works. The picture is hideous, but thats because my husband took it. Try to ignore the bad photography and appreciate the Wicked.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Blogger Issues

Hey Sexy Knitters! Your projects are looking FABULOUS!!! Great work as always!

Well, it appears that Blogger is having some pretty serious technical issues (again) such as publishing posts in multiples, losing posts into cyberspace (grrrrr), as well as moving extremely slowly while trying to publish (if it publishes at all). I'm also wondering if some of you are receiving your invites that I've sent out because very few of you (actually, only one of you) have activated your membership... or perhaps Blogger won't LET you activate your membership. Can y'all leave me comments here to let me know if you've gotten your invite and what the problem (if any) seems to be? Also, I've tried deleting the multiple posts, but each and every time I try, I get a Google Error 502 page. Have any of you tried to delete your own multiple posts and if so, are you successful?

I have no idea when Blogger will fix these bugs, but until they do, I would really appreciate it if y'all can check your posts for multiple publishings and try to delete them from your end if and when they occur. Also, if you request an invitation and it seems that you don't receive it (within a few days), let me know here so that I know what is going on with that.

Another late starter!

Ok I know I am late on this one but I just got my luscious yarns today from Sarahs Yarns (6 days from US to Australia - sensational service!!) in the colourway on the Wicked pattern. Such a beautiful sheen to the wool and I love the subtle colours!

I initially started Wicked a while ago with Jo Sharp Tweed Aran but the tweed look on the cables didn't do it for me. I loved the fit so thought yeah lets get the ArtYarns! :)

Off to pat my yarn and get winding.....

Paris Anyone?

Okay, so I can't even aford to get from here to Paris, Texas.. but atleast I did decide to go ahead and buy the yarn for Eiffel! And I am not using some scrumpy something I skanked from the dredgs of stash, oh no. I am using new just for Eiffel purchased yarns! Here's what happened.

I got to go to the LYS today for some much needed Stitch-n-Bitch time. The plan was to finish up my lace shawl and block it. But I had to re-ball the last hank of lace weight yarn that I hand done by hand (NOTE: never wind a center pull ball of yarn by hand while you are still half asleep, it isn't pretty!!!) and that took way longer than I had expected it too. Then Fran, LYS owner said she wanted to know why I hadn't picked up my Christmas Gift Certificate for last Christmas or the Christmas before. Say what? Mean I got free yarn shop bucks to spend? Yup.

You betcha, I got me some Eiffel yarns! First off my eyes had to latch onto a hank of last-of-its- kind-hasn't-been-made-in-years-absolutely-perfect-yarn. I got it. Fran suggested I get something to go with it and make a sweater, and still Eiffel had NOT occured to me. The more I thought about it tho, the more I liked the using this yarn for Eiffel, but just one Ah-hah! I would indeed get the other yarn to go with it, and use this precious hank to make an I cord to use instead of a ribbon on the Eiffel!
The top pic is of the yummy yarn, who tag I cannot find at the moment, by Brown Sheep Company. It's a hand painted yarn that they haven't made in atleast 3 years I was told. Anyway, it's 80% cotton and 20% merino wool. The bottom pic is of all the yarn, including the yummy and it's now missing tag. The bulk of the yarn is Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company and it's 80% cotton and 20% merino wool. The cotton fleece doesn't so much match as it coordinates with the other. Oh the cotton fleece's color is called...."Primrose".
Now all I have to do is invent the time to be able to knit this sweater! If I could find a way to do before May, the colors and fibers would be the perfect thing, and the sweater the perfect thing to wear to ds#1's (Art Boy's) Colloge Graduation on May 5th! Hmmmm, does the hubby and ds #3 realy need to eat or wear clean clothes? hehehehehe