Thursday, February 22, 2007

New and working on Wicked

I am new to the Sexy Knitters Club. I am currently working on Wicked. It's my first sweater, and here is what I have so far. Glad to be joined, and can't wait to have a finished Wicked to share with you.


Rubys & Purls said...

Welcome, Mandy! I really like the color you choose, but what yarn is it exactly? Wicked is only my second sweater, but it is on hold right now because I am waiting on the KnitPicks Options needles I ordered the other day. I am making the first one in 100% cotton in Violet, but I am pretty sure that I will be making a second one in wool with long sleeves. Can't wait to see yours!

Mandy said...

It is from Cascade 220 The Heathers collection. The picture doesn't do the yarn justice because it's that green with flecks of blue and yellow.
Thanks for your comment, and I can't wait to see your sweater! Let me know how you like those KnitPick Options because I am thinking of asking for those for my birthday!

Carissa said...

This is your official invitation to add your photo to our Wicked KAL flickr group!