Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paris Anyone?

Okay, so I can't even aford to get from here to Paris, Texas.. but atleast I did decide to go ahead and buy the yarn for Eiffel! And I am not using some scrumpy something I skanked from the dredgs of stash, oh no. I am using new just for Eiffel purchased yarns! Here's what happened.

I got to go to the LYS today for some much needed Stitch-n-Bitch time. The plan was to finish up my lace shawl and block it. But I had to re-ball the last hank of lace weight yarn that I hand done by hand (NOTE: never wind a center pull ball of yarn by hand while you are still half asleep, it isn't pretty!!!) and that took way longer than I had expected it too. Then Fran, LYS owner said she wanted to know why I hadn't picked up my Christmas Gift Certificate for last Christmas or the Christmas before. Say what? Mean I got free yarn shop bucks to spend? Yup.

You betcha, I got me some Eiffel yarns! First off my eyes had to latch onto a hank of last-of-its- kind-hasn't-been-made-in-years-absolutely-perfect-yarn. I got it. Fran suggested I get something to go with it and make a sweater, and still Eiffel had NOT occured to me. The more I thought about it tho, the more I liked the using this yarn for Eiffel, but just one Ah-hah! I would indeed get the other yarn to go with it, and use this precious hank to make an I cord to use instead of a ribbon on the Eiffel!
The top pic is of the yummy yarn, who tag I cannot find at the moment, by Brown Sheep Company. It's a hand painted yarn that they haven't made in atleast 3 years I was told. Anyway, it's 80% cotton and 20% merino wool. The bottom pic is of all the yarn, including the yummy and it's now missing tag. The bulk of the yarn is Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company and it's 80% cotton and 20% merino wool. The cotton fleece doesn't so much match as it coordinates with the other. Oh the cotton fleece's color is called...."Primrose".
Now all I have to do is invent the time to be able to knit this sweater! If I could find a way to do before May, the colors and fibers would be the perfect thing, and the sweater the perfect thing to wear to ds#1's (Art Boy's) Colloge Graduation on May 5th! Hmmmm, does the hubby and ds #3 realy need to eat or wear clean clothes? hehehehehe


Sherri said...

Hmmmm, cotton fleece for Eiffel ... I think your colors are greaat but I think it might be a little heavy for it. That is what I'm using for Wicked. The cotton fleece is a worsted weight & I believe Eiffel calls for dk .... ?

Jan said...

No this cotton fleece is DK and actually has a smaller guage than does the hemp. Fran looked the pattern up online so that I'd know whether or not she had enough yarn in one dye lot for me to do the Eiffel.

Cotton Fleece does come in different weights, and the one I got is deffinately DK not worsted.

Sherri said...