Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wicked Question

OK so I"m knitting the long sleeved version of wicked, I odn't know why now I will be on sleeve island for forever....but anyway, are any of you that are making long sleeved adding in decreases along the way? It seems to me that the sleeve would be way to wide for me if I don't put in some decreases.


lamb-made said...

I had the same concerns. In the end, I did the 3/4 sleeve and added in 7 decreases evenly spaced down the arms.

chrispy said...

I am doing my sleeves with a 12 decreases which works out to be 24 stitches, but I am doing the mohair version.

Miss Violet said...

I just realized (at roughly elbow-level) that my sleeves were going to be large enough that i could hide small families of migrant workers near my wrists if I didn't Do Something About It.

So I'm decreasing, but now I'm afraid I'm going to have that burly look because I didn't rip back past the bicep.

I'll keep y'all updated.