Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eiffel Going Sloooow

Hello all!

My Eiffel is growing verrrry slowly.
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Its not for lack of love for the yarn - it's amazing! I just seem to have something eating away at my knitting time!
I do have a couple questions:
This is a %100 silk yarn, and I understand that it has zero memory. Can I block it out a bit bigger, and then perhaps save it from expanding further?
Also, should I spray-block it? I've never spray-blocked before, but I hear it dries much faster. I have a feeling this yarn would be a bit fragile when wet, as well.

And note: proof of my knitting laziness. At the bottom right corner of the Eiffel you'll see an unattractive "jutting out" piece. This is due to my "I'll just have to live with it" mistake of casting on for a size small, and then upon completing about 1.5 inches discovering that it was a wee bit too large. I perhaps would have been tempted to frog, if not for the fact that it took me three frustrating attempts to cast on (because for some reason I temporarily forgot how to join in the round without twisting the stitches).

Thanks all!

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