Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm finally starting Wicked

First I joined late, then I am a slow knitter with a ton of baby gifts to make, and then the original yarn I ordered is ugly. So finally... when the weather hits 72 before 10am in my town... I start a nice warm wool version of Wicked. Oh well. I'll move back north eventually.

It is a bit more green than in this picture. I adore this new color and cannot wait to get this ready to wear.


Mandy said...

Lovely color! It's going to look great!

Anonymous said...

I'm at about the same place on my Wicked that you are. I too am a slow knitter, joined late, and am using merino wool. The temperature here in Texas was 80 degrees today! I always seem to be knitting with the wrong fiber for the season I'm in! Oh well.

Carissa said...

This is your official invitation to add your photo to our Wicked KAL flickr group!