Thursday, February 15, 2007

Almost There!

wicked more 2Well, my Wicked measures 11" from the underarm...but I have a longish torso, so I'm thinking I'll knit an extra inch or two before starting the ribbing. Does anyone have any suggestions for the arms? Did you prefer the DPNs or two circs? Did you pick up any stitches at the underarm join?

I'm definitely going to do this pattern again...except I was thinking of adding in some intarsia or fair-isle and doing the longer sleeved version.


Susan said...

Looking good !!! As for the arms I picked up 4 extra stitches @ the underarm join, then decreased 4 before the ribbing. I used 2 circs - found a tutorial on
You are rock'in Wicked Kitty;)

mary_me_a_little said...

I did the same as Susan--picked up four extra stitches and then decreased before the ribbing. The short sleeves go so fast, so I used two circulars since I can't seem to use double points without getting "seams" at the junctions no matter what I do:P

Susan said...

I used one 16" circular needle and just knit it in the round. I did my sleeves before finishing the bottom so that I could get a better idea of how it looked on me each time I tried it on - and because I hate finishing and didn't want to leave any room for slacking. lol.


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