Monday, February 12, 2007

Eiffel Question

I am doing the Eiffel in the XL size to accomodate my large bust and to fit me a bit loose, to wear it out as designed might require a divorce and I'd rather not. Anyway, I have spent the last two days on the sofa on a heating pad doing little else other than watching tv and knitting when the back pain permited. I held it up this evening and I realized something, if I knit the lace portion for my size as long as the stated 12 inches, it will fall down to somewhere along the tops of my thighs or hit in the back along the widest most unflattering point of my behind!

My question is: {1}Should I knit the lace shorter so that the sweater length overall is about the same when worn as it should be? (9-10 inches in this case) {2}Should I knit the lace longer so that in the back it falls bellow my behind (13-14 inches I am guessing) Your input is greatly needed.

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Rubys & Purls said...

After I showed my finished Eiffel to my Mom, she wants me to make her one. She has similar problems to what you described and her solution was to shorten the lace, but keep the overall length the same. Adding some short rows in the front as someone else suggested earlier might help the larger bust as well. I hope this helps. Sorry to hear about your back.

Jan said...

I did decide to go with the 9 inches of lace and lengthen the ribbing portion so that the overall length is either where it is designed to be, or falls bellow the dreaded "huge hippo" butline. (A dicision that I feel I can make a bit later when not so directly influenced by pain.)

I mentioned short rows in the front, but am a little usure of the best way of how to go about this. I don't like the idea of doing them just like the heal of a sock, as I am afraid that this may over highlight the bust. I do have an idea of how to go about doing the short rows, will keep good notes, and if it turns out decent will share what I did here. (If it's a total failure I'll whine about the frogging on my blog!)